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Thread: Preventing PS3 from checking for updates on Kmeaw 3.55 CFW

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    elpepe2000 Guest

    Preventing PS3 from checking for updates on Kmeaw 3.55 CFW

    guys, I have a ps3 with kmeaw on 3.55 and i have been disconnected from the network for years being afraid of mistakenly upgrading the firmware.

    Is there anything I can do to fake the FW version just so I dont have to worry about it?


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    racer0018 Guest
    There are firmware spoofers out there you just have to search. I am on my phone right now so I can't do a lot but they do make them. It will allow you to spoof the firmware but you will not be able to get on psn.

    Ok did some more looking and rebug does make one but I only found ver. 4.00 spoofer. Thanks

    There is also a file that is on here that will spoof your ps3 to 9.99, i really cant search for it right now because it is hard on my phone. BUt search the site and you will find it. If you are still looking when i get home i will find it. thanks

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    nathanr3269 Guest
    If you want to spoof directly i have made a PKG to spoof directly to 9.99 in your PS3, the RAR includes enabler and disabler:

    Hope this helps you


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    spunkybunny Guest
    Thanks for that. Will it work on any CFW or just kmeaw? I'm running Rebug CFW and want to spoof it to 9.99 so it never asks to update.

    I might have to change it so I also want that spoofed if I have to run that CFW too.

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    nathanr3269 Guest
    Here are available PKG at the moment:

    It only works with Kmeaw, i will have new PKG for other CFW


    PD: I don't know what happened with my last post, i wrote more...

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    racer0018 Guest
    Great post nathanr. Really couldn't do a lot since i was on my phone. thanks

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