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Thread: Poll - Which PS3 CFW is the most useful / do you use?

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    Broka Guest
    I have rebug and Kmeaw installed on two different systems... pretty much solely use the kmeaw PS3 (slim). Did have a prob with the phat rebug on one occasion (rsod), which was pretty much my own fault. I'd go for rebug, just because its still being supported.

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    garybrand Guest

    Wink Best CFW for newest games!

    So I have my E3 installed and working. Now which CFW is the best to use for the latest games?


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    Tepoo Guest
    dex 4.20. i don't need anything else

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    smokyyuwe Guest
    I've been on 3.55 Kmeaw since I got my ps3 but I'm planning on going to dex 4.20 though. Hoping for no brick lol.

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    aries2k6 Guest
    I had been using 3.55 kmeaw but now I'm on Dex 4.1 and will be messing with this FW for awhile.

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    nuggetwai Guest
    3.55 kmeaw as I fear bricking my ps3. Its pretty simple and runs everything quite well. What advantages would the other CFW have? Would they too be hard for a newb to use?

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    Xiantyl Guest
    3.55.2 Rebug Firmware; I use it because of all the extra settings it adds, such as the trophy deleter.

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    1611Andi Guest
    Now using the dongle CFW due to my stick. Before, i was using the KMEAW CFW with spoofers.

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    technodon Guest
    rogero dex 3.55 v2, dex 4.20 and retail 4.21

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    mam2 Guest
    i'm new on the ps3 world, and i need some "lights", don't we have anything yet to break the fw 4.21? i saw something about firm 4.21 was nuked on youtube last week about it, but i didn't see in any forum news about it.


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