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    Quote Originally Posted by xbudz View Post
    These games work: Crysis 3
    What is your cfw? how you make crysis 3 work through remote play? I have cfw 4.40 rogero but don't work.

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    Ni no Kuni (PSN version) works but not stable, occasionaly freezes on random loading screens.

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    nfs hot pursuit
    tomb rider
    50 cent
    assassin creeds 1,2,3
    red dead redemption,
    dead space 1,2,3
    crisis 1,2,3
    gta 4
    bioshock 1.2.Infinite
    sniper 2
    devil may cry 5
    battlefield 2,3
    ghost recon future solder
    mortal kombat 9
    batman arkham city and arkham asylum
    ninja gaiden 1,2

    and many more games are working in my Vita via Remote Play from my Ps3 4.41 Rebug CFW.

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    Is AC3 really working for you? I know it works for 3.55, but does not work for 4.30. I'd consider making the bump to 4.41 if you can confirm it works...


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    Deadly Premonition: Director's cut - works fine, but the screen is wide-stretched.

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    tried everything with AC3 and rebug 4.41. just black screen and vita disconnects. ps3 needs a hard reboot.

    also NOT working, injustice and God of War Ascension.

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    hi guys, I need help with the remote play. I have a ps3 fat cfw 4.40 v1.3 rogero that works perfectly and a ps vita with ofw 2.20, I've registered the vita on the ps3 but then it says I need to log in with my account and have the same account on the ps vita (this on the ps3 screen) when I try to play skipping this step it gives me an error on the vita..

    I have already made a secondary account to use on my hacked ps3 but I can't log in because it says I need to upgrade, I thought to upgrade to 4.41 rebug lite but many people day it is better rogero 4.40 and also I don't find the link online.

    So, can I play without upgrading to cfw 4.41 and stay on cfw 4.40, if not, what do I have to do? Thanks.

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    Well, you all know that the Remote Playable Data is held within the PARAM files on a ps3 pkg right? Use Aldos PARAM tools and you can repack a PKG file and run it via remote play

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    Does anyone have an updated remote play list for the PS3/Vita?

    Also, which settings are best on a PARAM.SFO for Vita remote play?

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