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    Time to go run down to the bookstore and buy some blank CDs!

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    I can confirm that Final Fantasy VII International Works. And that The Memory card adapter didn't work. But yeah so far this is amazing. I look forward to more news about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chitalov85 View Post
    Here are some videos:
    Thanks chitalov85 and +Rep... I have added them to the main article now as well.

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    so far I have only been able to make games work on the latest version of multiman 2.07.05.

    multiMAN 2.07.05 running kmeaw 3.55 on NTSC region PS3

    Xenogears [NTSC]
    Dragon Warrior 7 [NTSC]
    Chrono Trigger [NTSC]
    Final Fantasy Tactics [NTSC]
    Suikoden 2 [NTSC]

    Not Working:
    Final Fantasy Tactics [PAL]

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    I hope Iso's on are not too far away

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    Sweet, I can try a ps2 backup on my 60gb console when I get home...

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    I tried it and I got black screen... I tried Megaman 8 backup.. Please test it ? Thanks.

    EDIT: I am on 3.41 JB

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    UPDATE direct boot from XMMB with multiMAN 2.07.06:

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    PS2 backups not working with the same method. It just kicks you back to XMB.

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    This was some unexpected progress. I'll keep waiting until we can boot them from the HDD.

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