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Thread: Patching PS3 games for CFW 3.55

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    FusionC Guest

    Patching PS3 games for CFW 3.55

    My launch ps3 finally died so I am in the market to pick up a new one. Once I decided to do so I started reading into CFW 3.55 Iv decided once I get my new machine I am going to instal 3.55CFW but i was wondering how exactly you patch the games to run on it.

    I've seen them on the pages like LA Noire and Hunted. If there is a tutorial somewhere that I missed I'm sorry in advanced, I looked around but couldn't find it. Thanks in advance.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    There is no a "generic" guide for games requiring 3.56+ FWs - you'd need to wait for patch to be available and then used the supplied method - either edit SFO file (or replace the original with edited one downloaded), use replacement EBOOT file or isntall suppleid patch PKG file - these are 3 most common methods.

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    BONGman Guest
    its working in debug ps3 (i sell my Debug station ps3. i live in Russia )

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