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Thread: One: PS3 Homebrew PSX Game Disc App for 3.55 / 3.41 MFW Out

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    One: PS3 Homebrew PSX Game Disc App for 3.55 / 3.41 MFW Out

    Just over a month ago we reported on PlayStation (PSX / PSOne) Games working on PS3 3.55 CFW, and today PlayStation 3 developer CrashSerious has released a homebrew application called One which allows users to run PSX game discs on PS3 3.55 or 3.41 MFW Modified Firmware.

    Download: One PS3 Homebrew PSX Game Disc App v0.1 / One PS3 Homebrew PSX Game Disc App v0.1a (Rev 11.11.11) (GameSave Support)

    The initial version 0.1 is also followed by an update (above) that also supports gamesaves.

    To quote: Tonight, to celebrate the last binary date of the century. We bring you a update to one.

    Simply, it updates memory card support and works on the following systems:
    • 3.55 MFW Retail/CEX
    • 3.41 MFW Retail/CEX
    • 3.15 MFW Retail/CEX
    • 3.55 MFW Debug/DEX
    • 3.41 MFW Debug/DEX
    • 3.15 MFW Debug/DEX

    (Note: one uses "state of the art" firmware detection to apply patches needed, spoofing simply can not fool it.)

    Now not only do memory cards work... but those of you who are on MFW 3.15 can use it too. We told you we didn't believe people should go without features!

    Initial News: We present to you an app that is as simple and to the point as its name: one

    One boots PSX game disks, *ANY* psx game disk, even a game reported to not work previously: SLUS-01104 NFS: Porsche Unleashed

    Requirements to use one are pretty simple, MFW 3.41/3.55 (all variants).

    Simply install one, and run it with your PSX cd in the drive the game will start after a few seconds. If you do not have a cd in the drive when you start one, it will exit to XMB.

    What doesn't work:
    • Selecting or loading PS1 VMC's
    • Loading from HDD, sorry... you gotta have the disk people.

    Q/A, FAQ, aka Before you ask, look ---\/

    Q: Multiman does this, why do it separately?

    A: First, just because we wanted to. Secondly, because not everyone runs Multiman, or (crazy as it sounds) even has a backup manager installed. Third, we don't like people having to choose whether or not to lose functionality.

    Q: How do I use this?
    A: Install the pkg, insert your PSX cd, run one.

    Q: How do I install a pkg?
    A: Let me google that for you

    [imglink=|One: PS3 Homebrew PSX Game Disc App for 3.55 / 3.41 MFW Out][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    NTA Guest
    I'm definitely trying this. I hope it works with the slim models.

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Gonna try it in a few mins. THX

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Seems like good app to quickly play PS1 CDs from the XMB instead of playing it from multiMAN. But what I really want is way to play PS1 back ups from a hard drive.

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Just tried it and it works but it couldn't find the memory card. When I went to the option to change cards it locked up.

    The memory card works with MultiMan so this still needs work. Slim PS3, Thrill Kill PSX.

    PSX backups, that's what we all want, well that and PS2 discs and backups on the slim PS3.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NTA View Post
    I hope it works with the slim models.
    Indeed it does - all PS3s support playing PS1 games by default.

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    hayman Guest
    nice done thanks , keep the good work special for boot the game from HDD.


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    Hipmans Guest
    Totally not to be ungrateful and really just for my information; why is it so hard to make PSX games running from hdd?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Maybe not that hard but most probably majority of the developers target their eforts to make mainly PS3 games run flawlessly first ... it's simple question of demand - much more people want play PS3 games and if you really want play PS1 (or even PS2) backups there is always option to use PS1 or PS2 for that, rihgt?

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    Hipmans Guest
    Gotcha. I don't care so much myself since the only PSX titles I would like to play again are the Final Fantasy series. But seeing I also have lots of PS3 title still untouched and only limited time to play I'll just sit back and watch if a hdd solution comes up.

    If never then I'll just have to burn some CD's I guess

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