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    Sr. Member NTA's Avatar
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    Dec 2009

    Wait I"m confused. This plays backups burned cds?

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    Sr. Member wwywong's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    Got Multiman. No need this one. Thanks but no thanks.

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    +1 agreed

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    Nice.. wish it was functional with fw 3.15 .. still on that to retain my OtherOs option, and can't use the newer Multiman with psx feature or i lose my YDLinux and Zerogame emus. Need to investigate if i can create a MFW 3.41 or 3.55 with a tool and be able to select to keep otherOS (if it's not insanely difficult) still, nice add for homebrew!

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    Dec 2010

    One PS3 Homebrew PSX Game Disc App with GameSave Support

    The first post is now updated with a version that also supports gamesaves.

    Download: One PS3 Homebrew PSX Game Disc App v0.1a (Rev 11.11.11) (GameSave Support)

    To quote: Tonight, to celebrate the last binary date of the century. We bring you a update to one.

    Simply, it updates memory card support and works on the following systems:
    • 3.55 MFW Retail/CEX
    • 3.41 MFW Retail/CEX
    • 3.15 MFW Retail/CEX
    • 3.55 MFW Debug/DEX
    • 3.41 MFW Debug/DEX
    • 3.15 MFW Debug/DEX

    (Note: one uses "state of the art" firmware detection to apply patches needed, spoofing simply can not fool it.)

    Now not only do memory cards work... but those of you who are on MFW 3.15 can use it too. We told you we didn't believe people should go without features!
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    I added it to the first post, but am not going to mainpage it again. Thanks for the news though HeyManHRU!

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    I was major excited to try this new version so soon after i lamented no fw 3.15 support, but unfortunately, although it installed fine, it would not work as it kept saying no psx disc detected (both original and backup cd's). Perhaps it's because i'm using OFW 3.15? and not a cfw or mfw?

    My JB is my G4 ipod using rockbox psgroove PL3 payload. I did play a few original psx games using my 60gb fat PS3 native capability, but would be nice to play some backups, or from hdd so as to save my laser would be awesome..


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