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Thread: Offsets for PS3 3.41 firmware for CFW

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    Preceptor Guest

    Offsets for PS3 3.41 firmware for CFW

    I wanna use the lv2 patcher with a 3.41 custom firmware. The thing is that Kmeaw uses the 3.55 firmware memory offsets for each of the patches.

    Does anyone know the right offsets or have the patch*.txt files with the offsets for the 3.41 firmware?


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    daveribz Guest
    Just take a look at any of the payloads for 3.41, you should find what you're looking for there !

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    zeromx Guest
    I'm quite sure that HERMES released a 3.41 CFW without the need for an lv2 patcher pkg. (not 100% but search for it)

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    slifer1231 Guest
    Hermes lastest CFW is with his v4c of his payload but it comes in the form of a lv2 patcher that must be run everytime you cut on your ps3.

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    Preceptor Guest
    I'm not very fond of Hermes payloads' but oh well... I would prefer to get the offsets for the kmeaw's one, which is based on both pl3 and hermes' payload. I will try this one. Thanks guys.

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