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Thread: npsignin_plugin.sprx (Spoofing Ideas) on CFW

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    Xcellerator Guest

    npsignin_plugin.sprx (Spoofing Ideas) on CFW

    OK, a while ago, I was examining my PS3's flash to try and find out how the PS3 checks you firmware before your sign in to PSN. Now I think I've found the way, but if it were to work then it might be able to control how much information is actually sent on sign in. (Console ID, UserID, Password (although obviously user and pass still need to be sent!)
    Now comes the issue...

    I was looking through /dev_flash/vsh/resource/ and found npsiging_plugin.rco. After opening it, I found a tag that read:
    <Text name="msg_update_need_update_update_ask">A system software update is required.
    Do you want to update now?</Text>
    So, I wondered where it checks for the variable "msg_update_need_update_update_ask" and found it's sister file in /dev_flash/vsh/module/. It is called npsignin_plugin.sprx. It is not a usual sprx file, so the usual sprx and self decryption tools will not work.

    I am looking for anyone who thinks that they stand a chance and decrypting this file to please attempt to do so. If it is hacked and edited, then I believe that we could spoof anything we damn well want on PSN... (Different PSNs/Console ID/FIRMWARE VERSION!)

    Please comment with any ideas/feedback/progress...

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    barrybarryk Guest
    even if you spoof it perfectly so it says you have the latest firmware and passes all the associated checks. You still won't have the latest firmware and all traffic between you and PSN will be logged and you will be banned and soon as Sony decide to take action.

    There is nothing we can do on the PS3 side that's going to let you on PSN that won't be detectable that's not how it works.

    Give up on PSN or Upgrade. Thats it. There is no magic spoof that's going to get you online safely, not now and not ever.

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    Xcellerator Guest
    this is in order to bypass without the need for any other programs (FckPSN)... plus, even if we're banned, if we are spoofing a Console ID, we can just spoof another one...

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    barrybarryk Guest
    have a long list of console ID's do you? Using an external program will always be better because it'll need very frequent changes especially if you plan to just work your way through a list of console ID's lol

    Your problem is the security is server side not on the PS3 and can be updated whenever they feel like and doesn't even need to correspond to their frequent firmware updates. All traffic is logged so once they figure a way around it it can be applied in retrospect to previous logs.

    Give up, PSN was always going out the window the minute the jailbreak was used.

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