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    a noob question about 3.55 cfw

    ok i've been on 3.41 since it came out after a long ordeal with my hdd i decided to upgrade to 3.55 cfw. so i install 3.55 ofw first then i insatlled naima 3.55cfw w/ psn support. i installed it fine and have the install package folder, i have multiman installed and about for back ups on it. but the question i have is, where is the app_home?

    how do i make my backups play after selecting them in multiman. even with a disk in it just displays the true title of the disk rather than the backup i choose in multiman. again sorry for the stupid question and thanks for the help.

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    I don't think that you have loaded a lv2 package. I am not familar with Naima (btw PSN support is not going to work) but if it is like Kmeaw you will need to install the BDEMU.PKG or another LV2 package in order for backups to work. See this post:

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    thank you very much, that was exactly the problem.

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