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Thread: No More Heroes Patch PS3 CFW Patch

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    No More Heroes Patch PS3 CFW Patch

    I wanted to ask a question regarding whether there is a possibility of a 3.55/3.41 patch being released for the game since its only working on 3.60 at the moment.

    The game was released by ABSTRAKT - No_More_Heroes_Heroes_Paradise_EUR_PS3-ABSTRAKT

    I've been reading up on the 3.60 hacking process and it seems that Sony has built up a good "temporary" wall regarding CFW hackers. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Thank you for your time.

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    There is no fix yet. But there might be a patch released (On PSN) which enables it to be played on firmwares lower than 3.60 the same way there was a patch for Brink and LA Noire.

    For now you can try different Eboot.BIN files from other games in hope it will work (Keep the original Eboot.BIN file from the game though)

    UPDATE!: I found this patch for "No More Heroes Paradise" (BLJS-10072) It is 3.0 FW and may work I've downloaded it and re-uploaded it to Megaupload.


    Just install it using "Install Package files" on your XMB menu and play the game (CROSS YOUR FINGERS!)

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    Thank you for the reply, I will definitely give it a try once its finished. I have been waiting for the English version of the game for ages now.

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    Already tested it. Not working. Gives black screen and needs to power off ps3.

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