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Thread: Ninja Gaiden 2 with Rebug CFW

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    itskamel Guest

    Ninja Gaiden 2 with Rebug CFW

    i have ninja gaiden 2 backed up to my external hd. it plays fine but whenever i get to a save point then it freezes and i have to shut it off by the switch in the back. i have tried re backing it up and and tried different bdemu hermes and standard. by the way i'm on rebug 3.55.1 with multiman the latest version. can any one please help me it is driving me crazy?

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    ninjanutta2 Guest
    try deleting game data and reinstalling, i'm on kmeaw and had no issues at all with this game, also try internal. I have it on my internal drive, that may be the solution, its quite a small file so it won't hog your hdd.

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    itskamel Guest
    thank you, i will try that.

    okay i tried deleting game data and it still freezes i will try to delete game data and reinstall and if that don't work.. i will install to internal.

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