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    New to PS3 CFW! Where to begin?

    Hi guys I have my PHAT PS3 with OFW 1.5 I sent it back to sony to get the BD replaced under warranty and never upgraded it knowing CFW would be possible in the future, which for me is today!

    Problem is I so far behind I don't know where to begin, I like the idea of having my games load form the hard drive, as I already went though one BD! I just downloaded ROGERO CFW V.3 but have doubts on how to install it safely. Can anyone show me the ropes?

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    Well, most popular cfw is kmeaw 3.55, any reason why you went with Rogero (just wondering). You should update you ofw to 3.55, then install cfw either from the xmb as normal, or from the recovery menu (if xmb doesn't work) and enjoy. Welcome to cfw!

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    Look around the tutorials are everywhere and remember don't update past 3.55.

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