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    Netflix on PS3 3.55 Kmeaw CFW

    Netflix recently launched in Ireland and I have it on my modded Wii. Is there any way to run it on an Irish 3.55 kmeaw without updating?

    Thanks lads.

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    The only possible way is using a PS2 Netflix disc (not a good alternative). The official app requires that your PS3 is up to date.

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    oh, dude that sucks was hoping to be able install and use.

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    Yeah Sony isn't as generous as Nintendo lol

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    LOL, They both make a ridiculous amount of $$ every year anyways, every company takes a loss here and there, And others gain...

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    i think you can get Netflix working on your ps3 with kmeaw 3.55 i know you can DL and Install it easy on 3.55 but i will double check today when i get to my 3.55 kmeaw and let you know if you can watch movies but im sure you can.

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    Cooooool you can play steam games, 3.55 kmeaw posted month & a half ago.

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    you have to be signed into PSN to run netflix.

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    I use Netflix in Ghana and some of the charges are crazy, but its good to get to watch movies in the comfort of your home

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    netflicks have all old movies i seen em all i get movie sbefore they even come in theaters seen the avengers last week at home awesome

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