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    Antony256 Guest

    Naima Releases PS3 CFW 3.55 - PSN Ready Custom Firmware!

    Previously a video and guide were posted on connecting to PSN with PS3 CFW, and today a Spanish PS3 hacker known as Naima has released a PSN ready PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware to save users some time!

    Download: PS3 3.55 CFW by Naima (Full) / PS3 3.55 CFW by Naima (Full - Mirror) / PS3 3.55 CFW by Naima (Full - Mirror #2) / PS3 3.55 CFW by Naima (Full - Mirror #3) / PS3 3.55 CFW by Naima (Full - Mirror #4) / PS3 3.55 CFW by Naima (Full - Mirror #5) / PS3 3.55 CFW by Naima (Full - Mirror #6) / PS3 3.55 CFW by Naima (Patch) / PS3 3.55 CFW by Naima (Patch - Mirror)

    From the release: PS3 Modified System Software

    MFW 3.55 naima
    feb 14 2011
    174698 KB
    MD5: A3BED5E37E33440EC276AC98A6C2C6AB
    CRC32: 2F77B19
    CRC16: 3FEC
    SHA1: A20EC86447A7F087E87E79061FA2E7F430B2A40B
    HMAC_SHA1: 0xFF2BF4A9F4EFD18B41BA0F43E6FD2443F3FA47F7

    Remarks: modified
    - Support for Peek / Poke through patching lv1, lv2_kernel (Thanks to Flukes)
    - Add ‘Install Package Files’ by modifying category_game.xml
    - Installing. Pkg unsigned nas_plugin.sprx by patching (the only method that does not mean Sony reveal key)
    - Replacement of CA24.cer CA certificate by including in the implementation Charles Web Debugging Proxy


    Original Readme :

    Following the publication of which is news of the day for many, I mean the details of how to perform a man-in-the-middle authentication mechanism based on SSL using PSN in order to access their services from consoles PS3 firmware which is earlier than the last official, we can read widely in the forums to the large number of people expressing their problems for the process.
    One of the most common problems is the replacement of a CA certificate in the flash needed for the attack to work.

    Without CFW to integrate the certificate is replaced need to venture to write to the flash through more complex, which in principle should not present risks, but in inexperienced hands the possibility of causing damage.
    After thinking seriously about to publish a CFW with this change made I decided to do so only to avoid any disaster that might cause someone to console and to offer a convenient solution for anyone wishing to investigate the SSL communications PS3 does.

    What makes this CFW?
    It brings no newly issued by the reason that I did not want a detailed explanation of the reasons you can find then
    simply for comfort, convenience of which can have up to now.

    What features do you have?
    The minimum necessary in order to provide stability.
    - Support for Peek / Poke through patching lv1, lv2_kernel (Thanks to Flukes)
    - Add ‘Install Package Files’ by modifying category_game.xml
    - Installing. Pkg unsigned nas_plugin.sprx by patching (the only method that does not mean Sony reveal key)
    - Replacement of CA24.cer CA certificate by including in the implementation Charles Web Debugging Proxy

    Why replace rather than add and we chose the 24?
    Because it is not known if they add, and we chose the 24 because the license is included in the PS3 is outdated and therefore no longer valid.
    The 27 also has expired. Replace an expired certificate is not therefore valid, would imply unwanted side effects.

    Why replace it by including Charles?
    Because any CA certificate which has the private key we serve, one that we generate for example, but since you are using the application for the MITM attack and certificate is as good as any other, we choose the same.

    Research on the content of the CFW, lv1 files, lv2_kernel, category_game.xml, nas_plugin.sprx are different from those known so far used in other CFW, why?
    For the simple reason that he ‘changed’ me and not exactly the same, the encryption also increases the differences.
    But the functionality is the same as the patches.

    Installation is safe?
    100% sure there is nothing, not even an official firmware upgrade. Ta is safe as it can be an OFW or CFW of kmeaw.
    Of course, I take responsibility for any accidents that may occur.

    How I can avoid risks?
    - Start from a OFW is ideal.
    - Check the integrity of the original PS3UPDAT.PUP, it should be: = CA595AD9F3AF8F1491D9C9B6921A8C61 MD5, SHA1 = a3a0d1c61e17c6a58a5fa247a3dbb51524329e0a
    - Check the integrity of the ‘Custom PS3UPDAT.PUP’, it should be: = A3BED5E37E33440EC276AC98A6C2C6AB MD5, SHA1 = a20ec86447a7f087e87e79061fa2e7f430b2a40b

    You can help the rest of the steps?
    I will not do, for various reasons.
    One is that you are using a commercial application, Charles, requiring payment for its use.
    I will not give support for a commercial application also know that many are using unlicensed.
    This is not to say that let you use it, Charles is a simple tool use, in fact, using Linux with open source utilities would be a more complicated for ordinary users.
    Moreover, at this point I think it is a tutorial available to almost everyone.

    But the main reason is that some have ended my patience.
    And communicated for some time that I have the great patience of others, such as Hermes, which I consider a person with the patience of a saint (especially after the incident of the dongles with your name)
    Me, on my patience and tolerance is 0.
    And that patience is over because of some who have placed special emphasis on required and especially disrespect.
    Anyone who has followed the thread ‘fw Bypass. 3.55 ‘and’ Online with CFW 3.55 Kneaw ‘know the situation perfectly.

    So do not expect any other contribution on my part on indefinitely, that is, until one day I want to.
    There seem to be ‘ready’ eager to share his wisdom to those who can ask for me,
    ready to sow the two wires above their wise contributions, which unfortunately were obliterated dozens of moderation, but with a quick review of the post you can identify their names. Ask them to them.

    Regards to all, Happy Valentine

    Download File:
    3.55CFW-naima.patch File Size: 30.33MB
    apply the patch with bspatch:
    PS3UPDAT.PUP bspatch.exe 3.55CFW-naima.patch CFW.PUP
    PS3UPDAT.PUP where is the original Sony 3.55 update
    and CFW.PUP is the Custom Firmware, we recommend prove its hash before using it to flash
    CFW.PUP to rename PS3UPDAT.PUP for flashing him.

    You have permission, and I would recommend to create mirrors of the file.
    Keep him credit, though.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    barrybarryk Guest
    it's just kmeaw's cfw with the ssl cert switched already.. pointless.

  3. #3
    MystikalDesigns Guest
    But does that mean the end-user doesn't have to muck about with doing it themselves, the SSL Certificate I mean? If so, it isn't really pointless and I would consider upgrading from 3.41 Hermes to this!

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    barrybarryk Guest
    installing this will have a much higher risk than swapping the cert and take longer. Not to mention he didn't even have the decency to credit kmeaw or the other devs for the firmware pack he ripped off.

  5. #5
    Vivificus Guest
    Half of the readme extract up there seems like a rant; why is he trying so hard to be non-nonchalant but at the same time taking credit for something just repacked.

    Take it I understand many people are wanting to access PSN and are not gifted when it comes to something other than cracking with pre-compiled tools.

  6. #6
    THCIV Guest
    wow, someone releases cfw 3.55 that can still go on psn and you guys are whinning and complaining? oh all it does is add psn, he didn't credit kmeaw (did kmeaw credit sony for the work they did that he ripped off?)

    not one post about "i'll try this and see if it works" and if I didn't have a cecha01 that was opened for the first time last july I'd test it.

  7. #7
    barrybarryk Guest
    it can't go on PSN, it still needs the work around like Kmeaw and wanin and all the other 3.55cfw/mfw. the only thing different about this one is the ssl certificate has already been changed, saving one step out of the tutorial.

  8. #8
    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Yeah. He did a good thing by making newbs life easier. BUT, no credit to kmeaw? Or Geohot Or fail0verflow? What a loser.

    And yeah, THCIV, what work of Sony's did he 'rip off'? He, with the help of flukes tool implemented peek/poke in his CFW.

    He ain't ripping off anything, it's not like he's supposed to say... I'm loyal to Sony, etc.

    Sony didn't aid him in the making of CFW... failoverfl0w, flukes and Gehot did.

  9. #9
    THCIV Guest
    what work of sony's did he rip off? are you serious or slightly oh wait I can't say because big boss man will ban yet again another name of mine for calling you a name.

    but seriously are you trying to say that 100% of cfw is written by homebrew devs because I allways thought that 99.999% of the firmware is SONY'S and less than .001 is changed but enlighten me. And when did failoverflow ever touched a .pup and released? I know about the tools but if you choose to only release tools you don't deserve the credit for the work others have to do to make your tools useful to the masses (CFW)

    Geohot did not make cfw he made a patch, kmeaw built on others work. I for one do not need to see the same 20 names attached to every cfw that comes out and the names of those that acually did the new ones (3.56+). If you release cfw for the scene or do the grunt work like tools you get credit when you post your findings or release but to keep crediting the same people over and over is redundent.

    even if its only the certificate thats the major hangup anyways thats like saying "he only enabled backup managers but doesing provide one" lets whine about someone else doing the hard work because they didn't do all the work.

  10. #10
    DaedalusMinion Guest
    I don't mean it in that way bro. I'll explain later, when I get off my iPhone!

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