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    pmscunha Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by diogo461 View Post
    I have 3.60 can i install this?

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    laz305 Guest
    I would like to know is anyone able to install PSN Games like Super Puzzle Fighter with this CFW? cuz I upgraded from 3.41 CFW and now my PSN Games don't work on PS3ita's CFW, and when I try to re-install the games it says you have to sign-in but I can't cuz I'm banned. Any way around this?

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    dyceast Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mattdurrant View Post
    Yes you can install any CFW again.
    Have you tried it or just stating? Just wondering because this firmware spoofs 3.60... So it might not let you go to 3.55 once you have it installed?

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    NTA Guest
    very promising

    sad to hear this might be a final release though, but just as a thought are there any apps that take screen shots? like while you were in a game or just in the xmb, if not that would be a great app

    go devs!

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    bitsbubba Guest
    I believe Naima is a she as reported by a spanish user on another site who has actually spoken with her.

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    mrgrnw Guest
    yes you may but you must go to the site where you got your psn games from and get the updated 3.55 version because your using the 3.41 technique which 3.55 firmware doesn't need.

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    whinis Guest

    Naima CFW compatability

    Does anyone know if this custom firmware will work on as cechk01?

  8. #18
    barrybarryk Guest
    yes it'll work on any hardware version.

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    Krisdog Guest
    Will this work for games; ie. MLB the show or others just to play on backups?

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    hunterrr Guest
    Hm. Offtopic, but something they should consider for custom firmware would be for 3.41 with a 3.55 appldr.. I mean it's not like metldr wouldn't decrypt it what's stopping them?

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