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    naz999 Guest

    Multiman with Kmeaw PS3 CFW

    Hi all, just a quick newbie question. I have successfully upgraded my ps3 from ver 3.41fw to kmeaw 3.55 cfw.

    My confusion lies with the installation of Multiman. I was going to install ver 1.15.05 or even 1.16 but read somewhere that these do not come with covers and themes for games.

    So instead I found an old copy of Multiman ver 1.15.04 " Mega Pack " which stated it had over 973 covers, themes etc.. it was a 262mb install.
    The other newer versions I mentioned were 60mb and 9mb maybe because they were without the covers and themes.

    My question is

    1. should I stick to ver 1.15.04 or update to the latest Multiman.

    2. If I do update to a newer version of Multiman, will I lose the covers and themes which were in the older 1.15.04 installation.

    3. Do I have to uninstall the older Multiman version first or just install the latest one on top of that, again I am afraid of losing all the covers and themes in the older version.

    Can someone please help...

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    severusx Guest
    1. No, install the old "Mega" pack to get all the covers and such, then install one of the updates to get the newest version. Also install BDEMU.PKG to add a payload to MM.

    2. No you will not.

    3. No, installing an update simply overwrites the relevant parts of the program. No need to delete before upgrading.

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    naz999 Guest
    thanks 4 that severux but what is bdemu.pkg and what is adding a payload thnx mate

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    severusx Guest
    Check this post: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post364529

    It allows MM to add the payload to the PS3 necessary to allow it to have BD Emulation and therefore play backed up games.

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