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Thread: Multiman install on Kmeaw PS3 CFW

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    naz999 Guest

    Multiman install on Kmeaw PS3 CFW

    Hi can someone please help, I at present have kmeaw 3.55 and multiman 1.15.05 installed. I just wanted to now upgrade to new multiman, I think it is 1.16.14.

    Can I ask if there is any disadvantage upgrading and also can I go straight from to 1.16.14 or do I have to install 1.16.13 first thanks.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    no just update by pressing r3 and following the onscreen prompts if your ps3 is internet connected. if not just download the pkg of choice and install it over your existing installation.

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    naz999 Guest
    Hi cheers Barry, it was just that I read somewhere, can't think where now that you cannot install 1.6.14 straight, you have to upgrade in stages thanks

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    the package is not available yet.. It's only updateable via online method... You will have to wait till tomorrow for update package.

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