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Thread: multiMan backup manager for 3.55cfw

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    devon3603 Guest

    multiMan backup manager for 3.55cfw

    I downloaded th multiMan backup up manager for the 3.55cfw an then I pluged in my flash drive to the ps3 an it wount show what's going on what did I do wrong?

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    becksterorange Guest
    Is your flash drive formatted to FAT32?

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    devon3603 Guest
    No it's FAT, idk how to make it FAT32.

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    becksterorange Guest
    What size is your flash drive? If it is under 30gb you can just go to my computer right click your drive, choose format from list, and switch from NTFS to FAT32. If it is bigger than 30gb your gonna have to google a FAT32 formatter and use that.

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    devon3603 Guest
    it's a 1gb and when i format it, it only lets me pick FAT and NTFS.

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    becksterorange Guest
    Weird.. I guess you could use a FAT32 formatter.

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    devon3603 Guest
    ok thanks!

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    barrybarryk Guest
    are you sure its 1GB and not 1TB? I can't see how a 1GB drive would be useful for backups

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    devon3603 Guest
    Ya its a 1GB I just put the file one there to see if it would show on the ps3. I got a external hard drive i'm going to be using I just got to reformat it first.

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