I'm on Waninkoko V2. I installed multiman 02.00.00, then installed multiman 02.00.01 and then bdemu2. I tried to launch split game, but it tells me to store it on the internal hdd or to set the BD emulator option to Hermes. It is already on Hermes, even when I restart the ps3, but I can never get it to launch the split game.

Btw, what do the 'game disc', 'internal' , 'external' thing next to the cover do? It is on the far left (Oppostie side to ext game data, fave, etc.).

I own the game disc, but it would be nice not to have to get up and change the disc inside the ps3 all the time when I want to switch between my games

Can someone please answer? I mean can you launch split games on 3.55 cfw? Please help. Thanks.