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    Question Moving XMB icons/sorting under game on Rebug CFW


    I've notice in a few videos on youtube that some ppl have made sub category under Game in xmb. I'm on Rebug 3.55.2 and I would like to put the rebug tools under eachother so just one of then is visual under games and when you select it the other icons will come up also.

    I also would like to change the orders that the game are displaied under the xmb game menu. Plus add all ps3 emulators under a common icon.

    I have installed the open ftp, but I dont know what file I should edit or were on the ps3 it is.

    Plz help me out, I have searched for this in 2 days now and I haven't found any tutorial on how to do this.

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    you start by sorting the xmb by album and then edit the games/apps and give them the name you want for the album. ie Emulators, Hacks, Games, Media and so on.

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    I'm a total Noob here, how do I sorting the xmb by album? and were to edit the games/apps? (do yo mean edit a file under dev_hdd0\game\).

    Thanks for your reply. It would be great if you could do an noob example tutorial for me... I think I need one. I try and try and I don't know exactly what to do.

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    To sort by album you simply press the square button until your icons appears in a folder. Then, for each game/app you want to sort out you press the triangle and choose information and then you will be able to modify the album name.

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