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Thread: Mortal Kombat PS3 with CFW

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    capilarine Guest

    Mortal Kombat on Kmeaw CFW

    i've just back up MK in my ps3 and i am running kmeaw's v3.55! what steps should i do so i ll be able to play the game??

    plz i would appreciate any advice. i've been trying to figure this out for 4 hours straight.

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    Zoilus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by capilarine View Post
    i've just back up MK in my ps3 and i am running kmeaw's v3.55! what steps should i do so i ll be able to play the game??

    plz i would appreciate any advice. i've been trying to figure this out for 4 hours straight.
    This is what I have: Kmeaw 3.55 cfw and Gain Manager 2.07 and thats it! yes I have installed some game updates via package files but those are just updates. I don't have multiman, bdemu, hermes..etc just Kmeaw and Gaia. most of my games including Mortal Kombat are on extrnal hard drive.

    This walkthrough will assume that you have a fresh backed up copy of MK in your external HD free of hacked or messed with files! Kmeaw 3.55 installed and Gaia manager and a usb stick that already has your PS3 folder on it with GAMEDATA folder..etc etc

    What you will need: an External HD of course and a usb stick, the one with all the ps3 stuff is preferred.

    Do a search for and download the following files somewhere on your desktop where they are easy to find:
    • PS3SFOedit
    • [BLUS30522] [RETAIL] MORTAL KOMBAT [FW 3.41] [CFW 3.55] -- also should be in zip format
    • UP1018-BLUS30522_00-MORTALKOMBATPTCH-A0101-V0101-PE.pkg

    I would suggest you now make a new folder on your desktop and call it something like "MK temp files" or whatever, it just makes life easier!

    *unzip PS3SFOedit and extract all files to the "MK temp files" folder or wherever you want

    *unzip [BLUS30522] [RETAIL] MORTAL KOMBAT [FW 3.41] [CFW 3.55] and all files to this temp folder also. now that its unzipped in the MK temp folder you should see a yellow folder called
    [BLUS30522] [RETAIL] MORTAL KOMBAT [FW 3.41] [CFW 3.55]

    *Now run PS3SFOedit, it may tell you stuff about it being beta version blah blah ...just hit OK a couple of times. Once the program opens, click the "load" button down below. You now have to direct it to the SFO file. You are going to direct it into the yellow [BLUS30522]

    [RETAIL] MORTAL KOMBAT [FW 3.41] [CFW 3.55] folder you just unzipped and click on it then, BLUS30522, PS3_GAME and you will see the PARAM.sfo file there, click it.

    *After another window with jibberish that might pop up hit OK, now you will see that PS3SFOedit has opened the .sfo file and the game name (mortal kombat) should be visible. Click on "advanced edit" button

    *Go down to line #8, to the right of "PS3_system_ver" there should be a 3.4000 change it to 3.5500, click OK, now you are back to the main screen in PS3SFOedit, click on "save" button at bottom. we are done with this program, close it.

    *Open Notepad...yes good ole fashion Notepad or a very basic txt editor. once open, go to file, open and direct it to the yellow [BLUS30522] [RETAIL] MORTAL KOMBAT [FW 3.41] [CFW 3.55] folder you unzipped and click on it then, BLUS30522, PS3_GAME then in notepad change it so that it views "all files" now you should see PARAM.sfo file there, double click it.

    *You will see about half a page worth of stuff, down near the very end you will see a 3.4000 kinda by itself... now change it to 3.5500, click on file then save. We are done with notepad

    *insert your usb stick and external hard drive to your computer now, first go to usb stick and open it, once you open it, you are going to COPY and PASTE the UP1018-BLUS30522_00-MORTALKOMBATPTCH-A0101-V0101-PE.pkg you downloaded. It does not need to go in a folder or anything, just right there up in front. If you have nothing else on this usb stick at all ...thats fine, it will still read it.

    *now open up the external hard drive and go into the mortal kombat game files: BLUS-30522, PS3_GAME ....stop right here, looks familiar huh? Leave this folder open the way it is right now, open the yellow [BLUS30522] [RETAIL] MORTAL KOMBAT [FW 3.41] [CFW 3.55] folder you unzipped, click it and go into folders: BLUS30522, PS3_GAME.... notice that this folder is identical to the one in your external hd you left open.

    *Highlight ALL the files contained on the UNZIPPED version EXCEPT the yellow "USRDIR" folder. Copy and paste them to the same folder you left open of the external HD, select yes to replace all the files.

    *Now go into that "USRDIR" folder that is located on the unzipped version side highlight and copy the eboot.bin and DFENGINE.SPRX then past them inside the "USRDIR" folder on the external hd side, hit yes to replace.

    *now "safely" remove usb stick , turn off external HD and disconnect. Connect your usb stick and external HD to your ps3, turn on your HD then turn on your ps3 and insert a game, an ORIGINAL game. I used Assassins Creed 2

    *FIRST... go to gaia manager and start mortal kombat from your external HD takes you back to the ps3 XMB screen. You need to click on the "X" button on your controller at the "spinning disc" icon that says Mortal Kombat, do not launch the game from the folder with the star in front of it followed by the word "apps" as you normally do with other games. It won't work if you go that route.

    *you will get a black screen for like 20-30 seconds or so, game should start up. After the intro and all that stuff go to the game's options screen, change something... anything.... so the game creates a save (you can always change it back later)

    *Quit the game, once back at the XMB screen, go to the "install package folder" and install the UP1018-BLUS30522_00-MORTALKOMBATPTCH-A0101-V0101-PE.pkg. it's 30mb and installs quick.

    THATS IT!!! now you can lauch MK from gaia just make sure you always have an original disc in the ps3 before you lauch game and always

    pick to play the game from the spinning disc icon at the XMB screen, your fatalities/special moves should all work too. I have been playing it with no issues. Sorry it was lengthy but again I wanted it to be detailed as possible.

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    anybody confirm this method yet and can it played with multiman as well as gaia? I've been struggling with this too Game works great just no moves or fatalities. CONFIRMATION would be great.

    For anybody looking for the files here they are i searched and found them for everyone:

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    dariosantis Guest


    where did you find the avi movies, I'm having the same freezing problem when I get to the part where you have to use Nightwolf to beat Sektor and after I beat him the game freezes

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    ahmedben Guest

    I have upgraded my CFW to 4.65 and VERSUS MODE is no longer working in Mortal Kombat. When it comes to the select char where you press start, pressing start does not work.

    Any one has an idea what's going on ?


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