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    Exclamation Modern Warfare 2 on Kmeaw CFW

    COD Modern Warfare 2 (BLES00683) is ripped into the PS3 HDD using MM 2.04 but... Blank Screen (Not Loading)

    Applied update “EP0002-BLES00683_00-MW2P000000000012-A0112-V0100-PE.pkg” still blank screen (Not Loading)

    Using Multiman 2.04, KMEAW 3.55FW.

    Also Tried “Set Permission” + (SELECT + X)

    Are there any other fix for this game? Can anyone help to fix this please.

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    Move the game to an external storage device, delete the game data using the XMB Game Data Utiliity, and launch the game using Select+X. Note: Select+X method only works in the game is on an external device.

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