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Thread: MLB 11 The Show Patch (1.16) Fix for 3.41 CFW

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    tonybologna Guest

    Exclamation MLB 11 The Show Patch (1.16) Fix for 3.41 CFW

    Could somebody please post the latest title update (1.16) for 3.41 CFW users? There was a couple guys on the net that used to post title update fixes for CFW users but they have stopped I believe. This title update addresses numerous fixes and especially for franchise mode. Thanks guys!

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    tonybologna Guest
    It appears the couple of guys that provided these patch updates for CFW users have stopped doing it. I might be looking at no fix for this game & others that have game updates needed for 3.41 CFW.

    Can anybody confirm that game title update fixes for 3.41 CFW users have stopped being provided? Thanks!

    In case people are interested, mote is the man now for providing title updates on CFW. He done it for me and it worked!

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