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Thread: Michael Jackson USA (BLUS30697) PS3 CFW Fix

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    pkc415 Guest

    Question Michael Jackson USA (BLUS30697) PS3 CFW Fix

    Is there a fix to play MJ USA (BLUS30697) on CFW 3.55?

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    Frago Guest

    MJ Fix By Frago

    yeah, delete all game data from M.J.then copy from usb to your ps3 the full game of mj but don't delete the game from your usb then run the game with multiman latest update with bd mirror from usb and when it ask you make the latest update of the game DO IT, then when installation complete quit go to multiman filemanager and move the big file 14gb from the mj game folder in your ps3 games folder to dev_hdd0-game-BLES01135.

    then replace these from the link that i gave you, replace eboot.bin from my pack to usdir and copy synapse folder into BLES01135 folder, then replace to eboot.bin from my pack to the usdir of your usb mj game and to the folder of games of your ps3 mj game, then you are done. you have to load every time the game from usb with BD MIRROR to play it 100%

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