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Thread: Megago CEX 4.50 v1.00 PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) is Released

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    Sejuice Guest
    i'll try it if you can please upload the unrared pup?

    i've tried downloading this and other cfw rar/zips all get the same crc error.

    also unrared pups from here are fine/installable.

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    gigiostars Guest
    really? Corbezzoli who champion! Are you the sherlock holmes of the PS3 Scene of 2014 do not escape anything .. maybe if I gave it a read to the characteristics of the builder used you would notice who it is written, and would win a prize!

    A ciofella gold and silver with the image of your idol HABIBBA

    who ever you are reading a constructive comment, type is compatible here, is stable ... no problem with this CFW or what .. I know .. the comment is not "has the hash of the fish pictures color! won the prize!?"

    Yes friend, as I said above you won your prize, thanks to exist .. and .... let us read your wisdom!

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    Sejuice Guest
    and can we stop trolling each others cfw, its getting lame.

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    StevenTj Guest
    To add Habib's and Hishamagae's posts:

    The whole coreos, is Habib's.. even habib folder in dev_flash there too.

    and 8. Patched lv2 to add peek/poke support ???

    you didn't add that if you know, in cobra, it does everything manually, it uses syscall8.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    so this is a Modified CFW?

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    lewinator10 Guest
    thank you for posting, it works fine with my ps3

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