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  1. #11
    elser1 Guest
    sony are a joke.. i will definately return my copy now... LOL hope it's like brink with the 3.41

    thanks for this news...

  2. #12
    Mbb Guest
    finally I can power on my ps3 again

  3. #13
    final94 Guest


    Just a quick heads up: DON'T START THE GAME WITH SELECT + X.

    there can be issues like unusable controller, broken cutscenes, stuttering or no sounds.

    finally, to make some guys day: the game can be started discless.

  4. #14
    GotNoUsername Guest
    wow does this verion only have english or does it have other subs too ?

  5. #15
    The5Venomz Guest
    Are there any files over 4gb? Thanks in advance...

    Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk.

  6. #16
    final94 Guest
    gotnousername: other subs too. what i know is that there is multi5 in it. the possibility is high that there are also others.

    the5: yes. there is a bigfile with over 15 GB.

  7. #17
    kmjansen83 Guest
    Yes 14 gig file.

  8. #18
    The5Venomz Guest
    Damn that sucks... oh well time to clean the internal hdd.

    Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk.

  9. #19
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have +Rep'd all the useful feedback posts in this thread and moved it to the main page now- nice job everyone!

  10. #20
    MUGSY Guest
    Do you have to do an eboot fix and how do you install the patch? Do you download it to a usb stick and go to install package files after booting from multiman?

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