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    new to ps3 help?

    hey everyone, i'm new to ps3 and want to know how and where i download the fix / patch for la noire ? my ps3 has cfw 3.55 bought it as is... any advice will help. thanks

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    I merged your post in the ongoing thread, read through it including the first post and you should find some download links.

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    Oct 2011


    I have downloaded L.A. Noire, and done everything from first post but game freezes on first loading screen after installation? What should I do?

    somebody please

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    Try going back to multiMAN and go to the game settings of L.A. Noire and select "Fix Permissions".

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    Oct 2011
    Nope, still nothing.. I do not have BDEMU, maybe it's cause of that? Some of mm functions are maybe restricted

    Doesn't work even with bdemu and lvl2. v9 patcher installed... what could it be?

    Here's the situation.

    1. I've downloaded LA Noire game (23.2gb)
    2. Next is transfer to ps3 with filezilla program
    3. Overwriting old param.sfo with new one changed (bles00933 & 3.55fw)
    4. installing the patch
    5. than I tried fix permissions, permissions in multiman, try to load game with gaia, with latest multiman, i've also tried latest lv2 v9 patcher, and always stuck on first loading screen.

    LA Noire Now Working with Patch on PS3 Custom Firmware-imag0069ti-jpg

    LA Noire Now Working with Patch on PS3 Custom Firmware-imag0070mc-jpg

    There are few things that are maybe causing this.

    1. in mm it says that version of game is 3.50, and my ps3 is 3.55 kmeaw

    LA Noire Now Working with Patch on PS3 Custom Firmware-imag0071kd-jpg

    2. while i was transfering game with filezilla there was some connection losses, and transfer interrupt, but i've finished it somehow.

    3. maybe i have wrong patch, eboot.bin, param.sfo or something similiar, i don't know

    Please help, and sorry for bad English, I've spend all day with PC and PS3 tryin' to manage this working and nothing yet.

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    I've done it all from the start and it works now!

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    its very good.

    thanx guys

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    No prob and thanks also

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    Thanks man will try with complete editon and keep you updated

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    This helped alot <3

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