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Thread: Kmeaws CFW PS3 lost Gamez folder

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    stue1975 Guest

    Kmeaws CFW PS3 lost Gamez folder


    I went from Official FW 3.55 to Kmeaws FW 3.55, but as i used my Filezilla, i noticed that where the backups games where in my Gamez folder this had been deleted in the process, iam not too bothered.

    But what file structure should i create so the PS3 sees the games again, would i need to create a new Gamez folder where it was.

    Many thanks

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    That depends. If you use multiMAN, it should recognize both the dev_hdd0/GAMEZ or dev_hdd0/GAMES file structure for internal HDD or dev_usb00#/GAMEZ or dev_usb00#/GAMES ,etc.

    But I don't think the folder got deleted by you upgrading to kmeaw.

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    stue1975 Guest
    Hi DaedalusMinion

    Thank you for the reply, you where right that the folder had not been deleted but had been moved to another location; Path

    _DEL_201lots of numbers here...

    I am using Giga2.07, does my file structure on my ps3 look right to you..

    Thank you very much.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    if it says _DEL_201 you tried to delete gaia or backupmanager and it failed. your folder rename the _DEL_ to LAUN12345 and see if that will let gaia or multiman see it.

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    stue1975 Guest
    Hiya Slifer1231,

    I tried to change the folder via FileZilla, but it would not let me change it, i did delete giga before i upgraded to CFW3.55 as my older version i think wouldnt work. would it be worth just deleting my hdd and restarting again maybe?

    I’ve got it working now, used the recovery boot to format hdd iam sure file format got corrupted while updating to Kmeaws FW 3.55, after a format the structure of the files where better placed and back-ups are now working.

    Thank you for all your help....

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