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    Kmeaw PS3 CFW with Multiman

    Hey. I have just successfully jailbroken my ps3 again (about 1,5 years ago i jailbreaked it to v3.41 now i have updated it to v3.55 Kmeaw... it took me 3 days because of some problems)

    my problem is: I have installed Multiman v02.09 but i cant go into the games that i backup (error: 80010017)
    can it be because i have done the jaibreak wrong?

    should i use another version of multiman or another backup manager or another firmware version?


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    Oct 2011
    You need to install BDEMU 2 because multiman not work without it.

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    thx. have just done that.. still getting som problems..

    can i run the Multiman v02.09 with the cfw v. 3.55?

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    hmmm of course you can run multiman on cfw 3.55, i don't know what game that you play.if it's above 3.55 then you can't unless that game have the fix for eboot or pkg... try to install fix permissionlv2 v6 or try to to play the game from external

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