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Thread: Kmeaw PS3 CFW issue

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    lovish Guest
    What's a blackbox and how to send games to ps3 through it ??

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    bioforge73 Guest
    Blackbox is a program that allows to connect your PS3 and PC through ftp. If you have Multiman though, it's not necessary to have blackbox, since multiman allows ftp connection also.

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    airdeizel Guest
    ftp: FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL from pc to PS3.

    Download the ps3ftp.pkg to usb, install from ps3ftp.pkg usb to ps3, only if your ps3 is jailbroken wit kmeaw or whatever, open blackbox, u will see a number or network address.

    NOW: In order to use blackbox you need a program on your computer to commuicate with your ps3 (filezilla) freeware. Download and install it, Go to Youtube for the video tutorial. Follow it.

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