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    Senior Member proskopina's Avatar
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    Kmeaw PS3 3.60 CFW is in Development

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    According to the Facebook page below, Kmeaw PS3 3.60 CFW is in development.

    To quote: Kmeaw Custom Firmware

    Ouch! Sony is shut down. They making a new Server from scratch. So everyone will be seeing the message. every one the owns a ps3 will being seeing this message. They would be adding more security and safety measures. So enjoy the Offline. Kmeaw PS3 CFW

    P.S Working on the 3.60 CFW


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    Post up the details yourself from the page of facebook and then you got something.. i can't see anything.

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    its just news my friend!! THANKS!!!

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    Sorry, but I dont's see any "news" there ...

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    did you see before these news elsewhere??

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    They said they are working on a 3.60 CFW and not, they released it, which is just interesting for us. Damn, I don't have the powers to close this one.

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    it should say kmeaw is working on a 3.60 cfw, one may expect it is here ready to get now.. LOL

    you have to take the fr-fr. off for the address to work.. (i did anyway!)

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    My mistake, YES cfw!!!

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    I have moved this to our PS3 CFW Forum for discussion, and if something gets released we can promote it to the mainpage at that time of course.

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    This is very exciting news.. I'm stuck with 3.60, because my wife updated ps3, so I'm waiting cfw


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