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    Kmeaw CFW and change to OFW later on


    I have decided to put Kmeaw's CFW 3.55 on my PS3 today, and I was wondering if it is possible to update the console to OFW (maybe 3.60) afterwards in order to play a new game that may not already work on CFW? I know I can't simply change back then, I'm just curious if it works one way

    Thanks for any help in advance!

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    Does nobody know this or are you just not sure, because nobody tried it yet?

    If I phrased it akwardly, will I be able to play (for instance) Portal 2 after I decide to switch to OFW 3.60 from CFW 3.55?

    Will it be necessary to reformat my harddrive or do you think the upcoming games will be able to detect the formerly installed CFW?

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    If I read it right, you are asking if you can update from Kmeaw CFW 3.55 to PS3 OFW 3.60? If so, the answer is yes you can always update to higher OFW but of course you will lose the ability to use homebrew/backups once you do.

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    Sure, but will I be able to play 3.60-dependent games without problems then?

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    You will be able to play any/all PS3 games that require 3.60 Firmware yes, as long as the games are original and not backups.

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    Nice! I was afraid the newer games may be able to tell if there was any CFW present before I install the latest OFW

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    The games won't, but if you take the console online via PSN Sony still may be able to tell based on the PS3's install log, etc. Most who use their previously-modified console online first use one of the PS3 cleaner apps to wipe the history and often reformat their HDD as an extra precaution. If you don't plan to go online with it simply updating it from 3.55 CFW to 3.6 OFW will let you play the 3.6 titles though.

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    Well, I don't plan to use the PSN network at the time, but I already thought of reformatting when I do, hopefully that will erase any evidence. But thanks for reassuring me

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