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Thread: Kmeaw CFW with App_Home black screen and freezing

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    kimdoocheol Guest

    Kmeaw CFW with App_Home black screen and freezing

    Alright, so I have a 250gb slim running 3.55 KMEAW.

    I am trying to play Skate3 and basically it loads fine during direct boot, but when I try to launch it from app_home, it goes to a black screen and my ps3 freezes / I have to reboot. I checked online and it said this game should run internally alright.

    Am I doing something wrong? When I first loaded the game it said it had to run / change permissions.


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    Bartholomy Guest
    I don't remember this game, but maybe is one of the games who need directboot for work properly, or black screen. Deal with it Try using a BD inside your drive, choosing the BD icon. What happen?

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    kimdoocheol Guest
    Just tried the BD Disc. Yeah, it works that way. I guess I will use directboot. I just wanted the app_home thing so I didn't have to remember what games I have to use a bd-disc/boot/ and games that I have that don't need that. Eh, guess I can't be as lazy as I wanted to

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    Bartholomy Guest

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