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Thread: Kmeaw cfw 3.55 problem

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    al4ex Guest

    Angry Kmeaw cfw 3.55 problem

    Hi all! Today i update my ps3 from 3.41 to kmeaw 3.55 and i have a big problem... i can't run games from gaia, multiman or rogero manager! When i want to open a game from "app_home/ps3_game/" i recive this error 80028f14 with blu-ray disk inside and bdrom working.

    When i want to open the game from disk icon it start the game from disk not the game monted with gaia 2.06. My console it's a phat ps3 80 gb CECHL04.

    I updated my FW with official ps3 3.55 then in recovery mode i updated to kmeaw 3.55, then i install gaia 2.06 and lv02.pkg. Where i did it wrong? Send me some ideeas! THX!

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    Chivafighter Guest
    Waninkoko Version 2 is also a good alternative for CFW. Ive done it on my lauch Ps3 phat with all successful attemps.

    but anyways did you run lv2.pkg before launching multiman or gaia?

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    al4ex Guest
    yes i run lv2.pkg before gaia.

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    severusx Guest
    Sounds like you might have that permissions problem. I would use MulitMan and the permissions fix and see if that corrects the problem. See this post, the permissions fix is in the OP:

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    slifer1231 Guest
    i had this problem at one point reinstall offical 3.55 via recovery menu then try updateing to kmeaw 3.55 via the update from storage media first (if your get already at latest version use recovery menu) then install multiman 1.14.01 then upgrade multiman via built in upgrader but then you will have to install the bdemu.pkg after the upgrade then your games should work.

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    al4ex Guest
    Thanks slifer1231 your method work !! Games start now! Only nfs hp don't work :|. I have a new question... What i need to do 2 play games without bd disk inside? Thank again!

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    slifer1231 Guest
    there is only a few games that will play with out a disc in the drive on 3.55 because the lv2 patch is different than the orginal jailbreak and they mount to the app home.

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    al4ex Guest
    Thanks all for helping me! My ps3 work's fine now! THX again!

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    OhYa1337 Guest
    do you have to run the ebootfix that comes with multiman & install the pkg file that it makes? (also using KMEAW)

    I can run some games, but mostly not...

    Blackops - not working
    Two Worlds 2 - not
    Civilization is working just fine...

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    I think you may have patched your Black Ops before, so the EBOOTs have to be replaced with the originals.

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