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Thread: Kmeaw and Bd-Rom Hd external

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    carmil Guest

    Kmeaw and Bd-Rom Hd external

    I run Kmeaw 3.55 I read is the better firmware. Can someone explain me what is doing differently from others on arena?

    As I see exist also tool to create cfw, why this one is so good, what is doing more? Is also nice if you can give me a technical info where I can read about :-)

    Second... I run some game only from ext hdd using multiman feature select+X (bd-rom) emulation, they are working to me only this way. As I se other people ran some of them normally so where is my fault? There is some issue I am not getting? In general lot of other backups run nice from HDD internal.

    Thank you for satisfying my curiosities...

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    slifer1231 Guest
    Kmeaw has the lv2 peek and poke added that is need for the BD-EMULATION and the select+X is for games that black screen SELECT+X allows them to play most back ups will run from the internal drive but the black screen games need to be on an external drive for it to work.


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