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    Planeflake Guest

    Kmeaw 3.55 and PSMove

    Hi guys, i have recently updated to kmeaw cfw 3.55 everything seemed to be fine but i cannot get my ps3 to recognise my psmove controllers when i connect them they just keep flashing red and don't respond.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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    Anticleric Guest
    Mine work fine with the same configuration. Make sure you're pseye is plugged in. Try holding the PS button down on one and make sure it's set to controller 1. Other than that not sure. I use mine every day on the same firmware.

    Good luck.

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    purkito Guest
    Mine works fine too. Probably somehow your move controllers got unpaired, so just plug them with the USB cable into your PS3 and press the PS button, that should fix it.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Yes, just connect them with a USB cable and they should start working again!

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    Planeflake Guest
    Hehe sorted it, i had to use an original ps3 cable the one from my usb hdd wouldnt work so i had to borrow one from a friend now they are paired it works fine.

    Thanks for the replies.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    ok since that is now sorted out.


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