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Thread: Kmeaw 3.55 PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) to Add Linux Dual Boot

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    leukotic Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    This is not as simple as it seems - first of all the FW is not only on the hard drive but also in the flash rom and simple "dual boot" woudl not resolve this. Also - even if it would be possible to multiboot like that it would most probably end up anyway as two more or less separate systems - e.g. without sharing the PS3 / PSN accounts so in effect like having 2 individual PS3s anyway without (direct) option to share content, trophies, game saves etc.
    Yeah I thought about that as well after posting, they would/should definitely be separate. Not only from the technical limitations, but to protect the user from being banned off the PSN as well. Because upon connecting to the PSN Sony would know what programs are on the system, and if there was any homebrew on the updated FW boot, the risk of getting banned would be great.

    Although I'm sure if this was done Sony would quickly patch in a fix or do something to sabotage the CFW boot so the user would get stuck in the current FW as soon as they upgraded again. Or at the very least Sony would modify their next FW to poke into the other partitions of the PS3 to search for CFW/homebrew so they could ban the user off the PSN.

    But still, would be pretty neat to see this get developed.

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    Luisp1nt0 Guest
    I would suggest: NTFS support!!! Also you can add the internet TV channel already available trough programs from the scene and even Crackle Video Streaming Service and the others already avaliable from Sony.


    Luis Pinto

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    snoekie Guest
    NTFS? I rather have exFAT.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Dual booting official FW isn't going to happen ever. The firmware would have to be modified and once it's modified it's not official FW anymore. Even the concept is stupid.

    Any modified firmware will be detectable across PSN anyway and so would be utterly pointless for PSN access.

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    lilkuz2005 Guest
    i wish someone would find a way to downgrade 3.56 back to 3.55 lol

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    pauliux963 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by leukotic View Post
    I was never a user of OtherOS on any of my PS3's, never had the need since my computer does everything I need it to.

    However I would like to see a dual-boot CFW that allowed for different firmware installations (if this is possible). Example, boot #1 has the 3.55 CFW, while boot #2 has the latest FW and is PSN capable. I personally think this would have the highest demand, because not all of us have separate PS3's for CFW and PSN (I do, but I still would like to have the extra option for ease of use and perhaps trophy integration between consoles).

    Have no idea if this would ever be possible, but it's something that I personally would like to see in a dual-boot. Heck, why not partition off 3 sections, one for OtherOS support, one for CFW and one for PSN. That would be one heck of a CFW package!
    Yeah, that is cool idea! But this is like have 2 PS3s?

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    smarttech2003 Guest
    how about some xbox 360 controller driver for the custom firmware, not just on the linux side..

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    KanjiMan Guest
    How about... Figure out how... to BOOT an unmodded PS3 back-up from a PS3 Linux distro of any sort. NOW THAT WOULD BE COOL!

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    condorstrike Guest
    I'm fine with what we have so far, but I do understand your point.

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    gizmol Guest
    yes there is demand for a dual boot kmeaw CFW... I am still stuck with OFW 3.15 in hopes that there will be a relatively clean way to boot both gameOS and linux.

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