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Thread: Kmeaw 3.55 PS3 CFW game issues

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    appubmm Guest

    Confused Kmeaw 3.55 PS3 CFW game issues

    please help me in this issue.. Kmeaw 3.55 god of war 3 exit/crash to xmb, demons souls not working.

    i searched online for 2 days and could not solve the issue. i have both god of war 3 and demons souls homebrew in my internal hd. i use 3.55 kmeaw gaia, rogero, multiman nothing works. demons souls is stuck in black screen, press the ps button and xmb menu is very slow and freezy.

    run god of war 3 and it just exits back to xmb. i tried with cod blackops bd in drive and without in drive by choosing apphome ps3 game when no disc in drive. how do i fix this issue?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    If you have an External HDD you can try using that instead, also if you're not using a disc inside the PS3 that might be the problem since some games just don't work using the "App/home" option.

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    appubmm Guest
    thanks for the reply. i have cod black ops bd inside. i tried both with disc and without disc by using apphome ps3game.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Did you back these games up from an original disc or download it?, it might be a bad rip of the game. Also if you're using multiMAN try running the game discless from there and not from App/home.

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    appubmm Guest
    the game is homebrew downloaded. it is not bad rip. i have gow3, and 2 demon souls, EUR and US version. both versions act the same. so its not bad rip. i tried discless in multiman w/ out apphome ps3 still same thing. what else could be the problem? i changed the payload to hermes, install bdemu2 355 pkg. nothing helps according to this website all the games i tried works on internal.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    I used to use Kmeaw and I had no problems with both GoW 3 and Demon's Souls (North American versions) on my internal HDD. It shouldn't matter which disc you use, I had the Demon's Souls disc in mine and used Rogero manager.

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    appubmm Guest
    i just tried external and demon souls work. didn't try gow3. why it doesn't work internal? internal fix or someting?

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    It DOES work internal.

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    nathanj Guest
    i think the problem is in your copy, i have also a copy of gow3 and it work both internal and external, i think you had a bad copy of it try to re download it again

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    Hipmans Guest
    Put your game on external HDD, install BDEMU2 PKG (I think you already did though) and select Hermes payload in Multiman, then press 'Select + X' on your game and run it from XMB disc icon with an original game disc inside. At least that works for me with GOW3.

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