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    robcobb Guest

    Kmeaw 3.55+ Gaia 2.07 Shifted Unleashed 2 3.60 Spoof?

    I need help Kmeaw 3.55+ Gaia 2.07 Shifted Unleashed 2 needs 3.56 i think?. Will the 3.60 Spoof Work?Will the 3.60 Spoof 1.1 work? I also wanting to know if i decide to uninstall it can i do it easy?

    I was wondering once i done that will i still see it as 3.55 like after a format and redo it?Let me know and any help is greatly appriciated. Thank You.

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    al4ex Guest
    Hi, here it's the EBOOT for you! Replace the original with this. http://www.girlshare.ro/2089777.8

    If the link it's now working PM me!

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    robcobb Guest
    Ok, Thank you so much al4ex.

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    al4ex Guest
    You're welcome!

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    costocart Guest
    if i'm not mistaken, the 3.60 spoof is only to prevent accidental update to the latest ofw, and it is also very easy to remove.

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    al4ex Guest
    you're right! Cheers

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