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    sezar Guest

    Unhappy kmeaw 3.55 an error occurred during start operation 80010017

    hi guys, i have problem running the game on kmeaw 3.55 with multiman, i get this error when i want to lunch the game (an error occurred during start operation 80010017)

    please someone help me.

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    Tek9 Guest
    Do you have disc in the drive? I looked up that error code for you and some people are reporting that it is a faulty Blu-Ray Drive or laser might be dirty or it has just failed. Then again i am just going by what i read online. Does it read the games in the drive? I also read that something could of gone wrong with the hard drive and has become corrupted. Post back and let us know what's going on.

    i did some more research for you and it seems that if your blu-ray player reads discs then that means that your ps3 account has to be re-activated they said that that fixes that error code they go into account management then they de-activate that user then they re-activate that user and problem is solved. Hope this helps. This research was from the official playstation boards.

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    sezar Guest
    thanks for your help i appreciate that, but the problem is not from drive or laser or anything like that, i did research and read all of these things, CD'S working fine, but when i try to run game that i downloaded (COD 4) using multiman, this what i get, hope there is someone around who had the same problem that can help me.

    thank you again

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    sika Guest
    whats the game? need a eboot fix? I had this problem with shift 2, i found out it was going to be because its bad rip or a modified game, in terms of a solution for shift 2, i copied it to the internal (just in case) then downloaded the eboot fix again and overwrote the eboot on the internal rip.

    Give it a go.

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    sezar Guest
    the game is CALL OF DUTY 4 MODERN WARFARE, i did copy it to internal, same thing please from where i can get eboot fix?

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    candan Guest
    you shouldn't need an EBOOT fix for COD 4. It was released prior to the CFW 3.55. The EBOOT is for when the game requires a newer FW. You probably have a bad rip. I'm having the same problem with Tiger Woods 12. I'm currently waiting to try the new download I did from a different source last night to see if that was my problem.

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    sezar Guest
    i don't know i have feeling this game is working and i read a lot of people says it's working, please let us know about your new download game, thanks.

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    Ni72ous Guest
    Have you got bdemu installed?

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    candan Guest
    will do..

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    Dogertyboy Guest
    I have a same problem when trying to run the game Winning Eleven 2011 - all other games from the list of 200 games are going to cheer without this error... what's the problem? What about the original EBOOT 100% sure as he shot the image from disk...

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