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Thread: Kmeaw 3.55 CFW from 3.41 OFW

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    kimdoocheol Guest

    Kmeaw 3.55 CFW from 3.41 OFW

    I am wanting to update my ps3 from OFW 3.41 -> Kmeaw CFW 3.55. However, I have a few questions regarding the update...
    • Is there a way I can downgrade back to 3.41 after upgrading to OFW 3.55->Kmeaw3.55? Are there any advantages to having this ability other than PSN?

    • Does the spoofing really work for PSN? My concern is getting banned from PSN. I don't utilize it too often, but on sometimes there are some games I like to purchase.

    • I've viewed quite a few articles regarding the upgrade, but I haven't seen much talk regarding the differences between all the CFW except that Kmeaw can install unsigned packages. Is there any other reason why Kmeaw is superior?

    • Are there any concerns in updating that I should be aware of? e.g., is there a way to make a backup, should I make a backup, etc...

    • I've seen a lot of talk about a patcher. I'm guessing this patches the eboots to make them playable, or is this used for something else?

    • Where can I find the latest version of Kmeaw? I've viewed quite a few sites from 2011-2012, but am unsure where the main 'release' site is. I've seen that there have been a few updates, so I want to ensure I get the latest version.

    • Is there a better option than Kmeaw?

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    I can't answer all of these but the latest Kmeaw is the one in the Repo HERE... it hasn't been updated recently since then, but if a new Kmeaw CFW comes out it will definitely be main page news so don't worry.

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    kimdoocheol Guest
    Thanks. Yeah, I saw the update before, but I wasn't sure if that was the latest as it seems quite old? I think I saw a new update from 2012, but thought it looked kind of sketchy.

    My main concern is about downgradability. I've read that you need to upgrade to 3.55 then install Kmeaw. That makes me sort of wonder if there is a back up tool or something for 3.41 prior to upgrading? I've heard a lot about upgrading and downgrading causing bricking...

    Also, are people just installing this and not making a backup of their system or anything like that? I'm just wondering if this software will prevent a brick, sort of like a nand backup or iPhone image.

    And the next biggest concern is mostly about PSN. I would still like to utilize this... has anybody used it via the spoofing? I'm unsure of if I want to 'spoof' the PSN because I am wondering if I get caught if I will be banned 'x' amount of time or possibly forever.


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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    1. Yes, there are few methods of downgrading, using downgrade PUPs through recovery or QA flagging. There are some advantages - no need for for the games with FW 3.41 - 3.55 to patch anything manually, it works straight out of the box. But new games (3.60+) are not playable, wheteher you have a backup or legally owned game, it can't be played on CFW. And NO PSN access on CFW is possible yet by any means.

    2. What do you mean, work. PSN doesn't work. Period. If you Purchase new game, you should upgrade system and say bye to CFW

    3. Kmeaw is most stable one, do not have hardcoded LV2 patches (unlike Waninkoko CFW) and not bloated like JFW. Also, it can install pretty every package file.

    4. Hmmm, no that I'm aware of. There maybe still.

    5. Depends on what is patched, by my guess is, what you read was for eboots.

    6. There was only one version, AFAIK, grab it here: Be sure to read a lot of instruction before doing this, also be sure to install OFW 3.55 first

    7. It's the best, IMO

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    Ezio Guest
    You can update before ofw 3.55 and after you put cfw 3.55 Kmeaw. There's only a official version of that cfw, you cannot go wrong.
    If you are on 3.55 you can downgrade to 3.41 via factory service mode (you need a dongle) or via recovery mode after you activate the QA flag on you ps3 (it is easy to activate, you have to put only the cfw 3.55_otheros++_special and after install qa_flag_extra.pkg).

    However you can stay sure you shouldn't need to downgrade to 3.41, the cfw 3.55 has all and all homebrew are created for it.

    About playing on PSN with a cfw, it isn't possible with any spoof because the spoof is useful only to avoid accidental updates of firmware (they can happen if you let set on the automatic update from xmb of your ps3).

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    You can also go straight from 3.41 to CFW 3.55 no problem and visa versa

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    kimdoocheol Guest
    Thanks for the information everybody.

    I actually forgot completely that PSN games transmit data in the background. I remember when either SF or MVC2 came out on PSN that people were upset that there was background data running verifying that the game wasn't a pirated copy or something. So I can pretty much kiss all my PSN games goodbye, then?

    Also, as far as the patching goes for games, is there something that does this automatically in kmeaw? or will I still have to manually patch each game.

    Finally, where can I get 3.55 OFW? I found one zip file that seems to be sketchy (forum with non posts and just links.) But it does have the proper kmeaw 3.55 CFW in there. As far as the update goes for kmeaw, do I just use the latest update? Or do I use the original kmeaw, install on ps3, then use the update? or it doesn't matter. And are there any noticeable advantages to installing kmeaw 3.55 first before ofw, or does it not really matter?

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    1. There is a way to preserve PSN games, even pirate them (tsss...), it's just no PSN online play.

    2. In early stages it was done manually by loading OMGOMGOMG LV2 patcher (good ol' times...), then launching multiman, but now multiman does everything for you, it's auto. Just be sure to download BDEMU.pkg along with the latest multiman

    3. I updated to OF3.55, then to KMEAW, IIRC, it's the safest way.

    OFW 3.55 -

    sorry it's in russian, enter the code and hit green button, it's simple

    Also, OFW 3.55 md5: ca595ad9f3af8f1491d9c9b6921a8c61
    CFW Kmeaw 3.55: 2be5e87a22bf1e7f48e98fcabd38977b

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    kimdoocheol Guest
    Thanks everyone, I got it to work.

    I'm a bit iffy though if I can play my PSN network titles? I have heard in the past that some games require an internet connection and send/rcv data even though the games are not multiplayer. I am iffy, but I still would like to play my SF game... Does anyone know about this? I've been looking around the forums and cannot seem to find anything related to this exact issue.

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