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    I've run through everything that the instructions could possibly imply. this isn't working for me. I have booted to recovery mode, update ps3, i put the usb drive with the mfw in the far right usb drive but it keeps coming up with error "no applicable data was found". i am not using the lv2 file 1 dgf though. should i be?

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    I have recently acquired a kiosk PS3. It is a 40gb model, and is demo version 3.01. From what i understood, being lower than 3.55 this should be a working method. (Along with the poster saying that they're 3.01 console worked)

    I am trying to use this method to switch it over to retail, however, when i boot to recovery, and choose system update. It does not locate the update file on the flash drive i have in the system. I have tried both the left and right usb ports.

    When i download the file, it does not end in the file extension ".pup" as i saw at some point within this thread, it instead has the extension ".7z". (reads exactly PS3MFW-KIOSK355.7z on the flash drive) Not sure if this is part of the problem?

    If anyone has any info or can lend a hand i would appreciate it quite a bit.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Shadowed, download 7zip, unzip the file, place it on flash on the correct folder (/PS3/UPDATE/) and you should be good to go. File should be named PS3UPDAT.PUP.

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    Yes, thank you. I was sitting here frustrated when i remember "hey, 7z is a zipped up file extension, duuuuh". I have the update running now.

    Just as a bit of a curiosity, with using this, would i be able to then connect to PSN and update to the latest version if i was so inclined to run netflix on the console? Or will the console roll back to a demo version/ get the console banned from PSN?

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