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    Kingdoms Of Amalur on PS3 CFW


    I am hoping to play the above game i am currently on CFW 3.55 and i've read i need to upgrade to 3.72? has anyone got this game working yet?

    Thanks in advance

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    Apr 2005
    I have removed several replies... we only allow for-profit dongle discussion in their designated threads, all others Forum-wide are only for free CFW. Thanks!

    When a free PS3 scene fix for this title becomes available it will be posted here as always!

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    This is a bit missleading Title of the Thread - if you're ASKING about something is common sense to put at least question mark (or formulate the text to make it clear it's a question) otherwise you're confusing others by making them believe this is a solution / patch for the game.

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    argggg always patching games ^_^

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