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Thread: JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Status Update and CFW Pics Arrive

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    MA BD Tool v0.8 for PS3 JFW DH 3.56 MA CFW Add-On By Blackdeath

    Following up on his previous release, this weekend PlayStation 3 developer Blackdeath has made available MA BD Tool v0.8 via DemonHades for PS3 JFW DH 3.56 MA CFW.

    Download: MA BD Tool v0.8 PS3 JFW DH 3.56 MA CFW Add-On

    To quote, roughly translated: Friends of the community here I leave the new version of BD TOOL MA who now includes the basic graphical interface, the ability to save data to any USB connected on the console port as well as the ability to detect and remove the serial model BD reader that you have in your PS3 along with the old features of the first version with the MKB and the HRL.

    In some cases the standard model may not be obtained but that's where the BD than the original console if not married.

    Just install it and follow the instructions and you can have new details on the BD in your hands or your usb.

    • Implemented basic GUI.
    • Fixed bugs in compiling the HRL or MKB.
    • Implemented the ability to use any USB port.
    • Now able to detect the model and serial BD player.

    [imglink=|MA BD Tool v0.8 for PS3 JFW DH 3.56 MA CFW Add-On By Blackdeath][/imglink]
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    Adriansfc92 Guest

    PS3 Preloader Advance v3.1 by JaicraB Out for JFW DH 3.56 MA CFW

    Following up on the MA BD Tool v0.8 for PS3 JFW DH 3.56 MA CFW, today JaicraB has updated the previous PS3 Preloader Advance 2 to version 3 followed by bugfix 3.1 alongside a guide by Chekco via DemonHades below.

    Download: PS3 Preloader Advance 3.1 / PS3 Preloader Advance 3.1 (Mirror) / PS3 Preloader Advance 3.0 / PS3 Preloader Advance 3.0 (Mirror)

    To quote, roughly translated: Hi all, as many know, when it published the JFW 3.56 MA-DH commented on the possibility of creating a virtual flasher to downgrade to 3.55 or less, well today is a fact that possibility so from now no one is "prisoner of MA", however it is a dangerous process, it is recommended to keep things clear and know what we are doing responsible are misuse said this. Let's begin:

    The first is dump the data vital to our PS3, Aegean and we will use a configuration file download from the link below the pre3 ( and put in the root of the pen Archivo advanced.cfg, then rename the Lv2Diag.self to egea.self, create the following directory PS3/UPGRADE/egea.self.

    Connecting to the USB port on the right and hope while reading the data from our ps3 "the process are between 3/5 minutes depending on the pen", when finished we will create the Backuprflash.bin. There are flash drives that are not compatible with egea, if we see that the ps3 starts normally change pendrive...

    Good, the configuration file that will do is dump the rflash and flash1, flash2, flash3 once the reading process will turn off the ps3 and begins one of the most dangerous steps, we now have to patch the rflash with 3.55 core_os not chek, patch is recommended to follow the tutorials to dowgrades with physical flasher, but if you look confused or not know how. To be continued...

    Thanks to:

    JaiCraB, to create preloader 3 and include the MAD.
    Varicela test this tool and give me a PS3 and which I used for this tool and other future purposes.
    Kike for sacrificing your PS3.
    Checko, to try all options.
    Demonhades by atosigarme to do it.
    M * D ** for the knowledge transmitted.
    Black, to add the improvement of Service Mode

    Sorry for my bad English

    PS3 Preloader Advance 3 by JaicraB

    I decided to make improvements to the previous Advance Preloader 2. A major improvement is the virtual controller (MAD). Can directly manipulate the NOR or NAND memories of our consoles without having a physical developer. This leads to a high risk of running out of console.

    A bad patch and you would be required to settle a physical developer. It has been tested successfully in several models. This does not mean that there is any model that fails. I hope you will heap up head. I am not responsible for any damage. Another use is to make copies of data unique to each console.

    This tool has been developed for systems and lower JFW 3.55 3.56 MA. It requires no external libraries. It works even without the dev_flash in the system. It can be launched as Lv2Diag.self, as in JFW EGEA MA SELF 3.56 or releasing from any FileManager that supports it. May soon be published as PKG.

    1. Copy of rflash:

    For systems with NOR (16MB) and NAND (256MB) (no bootloader). Available two ways to copy. The first 16MB, 256MB or whole (for NAND) The process takes 50 sec (16MB NOR), 15 sec (16MB NAND), 1 min (256MB NAND). In rflash entire system is stored on the PS3. There we find:
    • Asecure_loader
    • EEID
    • CISD
    • CCSD
    • Trvk_prg
    • Trvk_pkg
    • Ros (CoreOS)
    • Cvtrm
    • Bootloader (NOR models only)

    It will create a file called "Backuprflash.bin" in the USB000.

    2. Restoring the rflash (MAD):

    This step is dangerous, a bad change in the original can cause rflash BRICK. A bad usage can only be repaired only with physical developer. Also available in two modes (16MB, 256MB). Designed primarily for downgrading systems with "JFW MA" and for systems with problems downgrader. Has option to restore only different sectors. (Experimental). The process can take NOR, auque See not work on USB not quench. The "rflash" must be copied to the USB as "rflash.bin" But this safe to do so ... Do not!

    3. Copy and Restore "/ dev_flashX"

    To safely handle the file system used in GameOS. It will create a file called "Backupflash1.bin", "Backupflash2.bin", "Backupflash3.bin" USB000 depending on the number of dev_flash chosen. You can mount that image in your PC so you can change and then restore it. It is also useful when the system downgrade option 2 "Restoring rflash" and change your firmware with the file system. To restore is to copy the image of the "dev_flash" USB000 named the "flashX.bin".

    4. Dump LV2, LV1

    It is an extra unimportant. You just have to be installed in the system SC 6, 7, 11 for the process. The file created will be named on USB000 "DumpLv2.bin", "DumpLv1.bin".

    5. Service Mode

    We can enter / exit the service mode. To enter service mode from the pre3 need patched systems with LV1.

    6. Out mode

    When you finish the processes indicated in advance.cfg can do is shut down or reboot the system.

    Configuration file

    The tool will locate the file "advance.cfg" in "/ dev_usb000/advance.cfg" (Port closer to the reader) You can do all the actions triggered sequentially. That is, you can program the rflash and dev_flash at a time, out of service mode and reboot. In the configuration file is detailed the activation of each action. Flashing green LED means you are working.

    Where it is that Red is complete. Writing in NOR models will seem to be blocked. But the led usb flash every 20 seconds so slightly. Do not put out until you do one or put the red LED.

    JFW 3.56 downgrade MA:

    The process will be detailed community.

    Easy change version:

    With well patched the rflash (CoreOS not check) with their respective "dev_flashX" can be changed in a matter of 4 minutes (NAND) of any firmware using this tool. Will address the issue soon on

    Thanks to:

    Chickenpox test this tool and give me a PS3 and which I used for this purpose and other future purposes.
    Kike for sacrificing your PS3.
    Checko, to test all future tutorials opciones.Y use of that tool.
    Demonhades by atosigarme to do it.
    M * D ** for the knowledge transmitted.
    Black, to add the improvement of Service Mode.

    [imglink=|PS3 Preloader Advance v3.1 by JaicraB Out for JFW DH 3.56 MA CFW][/imglink]
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    niwakun Guest
    sounds promising, but the risk are too high, I leave it to someone else to test this. Maybe this will be usable for switching firmwares (hopefully, including the 3.60+ firmwares).

    For those people who have flashers, please kindly test it.

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    Say what people will about them, at least they're still actively developing things. Thanks for the update.

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    Adriansfc92 Guest

    Video: PS3 JFW-DH 3.56 MA CFW SP 1.3, ConfEditor & PSX ISO Demo

    Following up on the PS3 Preloader Advance v3.1 by JaicraB, today Spanish PlayStation 3 developers at DemonHades have released Service Pack 1.3 for PS3 JFW-DH 3.56 MA CFW, Tools for MAD by Chekco, a ConfEditor by Vakaloka, a tutorial by siema44 and a PSX and Dynarec ISO demo video below!

    To quote, roughly translated: New PS3 JFW-DH 3.56 MA CFW Service Pack 1.3

    Service Pack 1.3 brings in a wealth of improvements and new features such as the Grid system, a plugins manager, the ability to dualboot GameOS and Linux and of course Dynarec which throws in support for PSX ISOs.
    • System Administrator unlocked for use with 50 functions including only HV can run in service mode (*).
    • Total compatibility with games, games that gave failures now work OK.
    • Support Ministry of PSP, and PSN games now run and debugged all.
    • Compatibility with PS2 corrected.

    What's New TheGrid
    • TheGrid patching the boot
    • Region Free BD
    • Patched new checks
    • Payloads support
    • Linux
    • Dynarec load support in the LV2 (emulators support more advanced 3d)
    • Dynamic patch is not required to install or replace, and nothing more.

    New options to start with EGEA detecting flags to perform new tasks:
    dumpflash - Dumpea the dev_flash to USB (Dev_usb000)
    dumpflash2 - Dumpea the dev_flash2 to USB (Dev_usb000)
    dumpflash3 - Dumpea the dev_flash3 to USB (Dev_usb000)
    Dumpea dumpflash4 dev_flash4 to the USB (Dev_usb000)
    restoreflash - Restores and record a dev_flash from USB (/ dev_usb000/dev_flash.bin)
    restoreflash2 - Restores and record a dev_flash from USB (/ dev_usb000/dev_flash2.bin)
    restoreflash3 - Restores and record a dev_flash from USB (/ dev_usb000/dev_flash3.bin)
    restoreflash4 - Restores and record a dev_flash from USB (/ dev_usb000/dev_flash4.bin)
    dumper.nor - Create a memory dump of the console NOR FLASH
    dumper.nand - Creates a dump of the NAND FLASH memory of the console
    dumper.lv1 - Dumpea the LV1
    matheros_direct-slim - Boot Linux directly on the console obviously must have been pre-installed before (To Slims)
    matheros_direct-fat - Boot Linux directly on the console obviously must have been pre-installed before (To FATS)
    These flags or files are placed in the root of usb / dev_usb000 only have to create an empty document even from the context menu of windows and these names and ready, you can invoke the boot and call to fulfill a task as their names pre-written.

    As you see you can avail of basic features including the Preloader from the very start just using FLAGS. Write access to the flash from the start, no dev_fast, etc.. It follows the runtime load EGEA.SELF at startup. Improvised use of new syscalls 15,16,20 (lv2 memcpy, memset lv2 and lv1 CallGate).

    Details: Using MatherOS direct start to load directly into the console linux without going through the VSH. XploraMAs improved the display of units and contents. MultiTheme included in their own zip.

    Position of the patches:

    In this first version of TheGrid in MA we are 6 options or patches are:
    • First patch (first number in the 64): this corresponds to MatherOS Patch to disable or enable the use of Linux on the console.
    • Second patch (second number in the 64): Corresponds to load the syscall PL3 Payload 35 in the console.
    • Third patch (third number in the 64): Corresponds to load Payload Supports sc MAS 36 and 8 on the console.
    • Fourth patch (fourth number in the 64): Corresponds to load BD region Free bone patch overrides the restriction on the region bds ignoring methods such as changing the console region (Annoyed if you have to do all the time).
    • Fifth patch (fifth in number 64): Corresponds to the patch that disables the PS1 disk check on the console.
    • Sixth patch (sixth in number 64): Enables or disables dynamic patch the FW by loading a patch that makes bone PatchUser.bin the same user or future updates that we will be taking to thegrid will come in the form of a file "PatchUser.bin" that will contain the updates.
    • Seventh patch (Seventh in the number 64): Enables or disables support for LV2 Dynarec in order to use dynamic recompilation of the emulators and performance improvements in them (For use with emulators suits the users and devs who want the best performance).

    (*) You can use the soft regulator of the cooler fan speed in administrator mode.

    Download links

    Improvements over the sp1.2.1 ....

    From now you ought to use this version of Iris prepared with the SP Manager 1.3, as always thanks to D_Skywalk to have this manager:
    • Need not be used more compatible 36 or 35 +8 +8 managers to use than the iris manager.
    • You do not need the profile of support for minis and games like GT5 or from dust that was frozen.
    • No change of region, as this patch to put the reader region free.
    • Be able to boot linux from bypassing the xmb.

    FAQ ...

    I need to install an SP before this?
    - No, the SP has all the old and new

    I have to put in service mode to install the SP?
    - No, use Aegean to install it.

    It comes all included in the RAR?
    - If including the new Dynamic MultiTheme

    Managers Supported
    • Iris Manager 3.56
    • H Manager 1.5
    • Solar Rogero Edition 8.5
    • Multiman 2.008.05

    That is the XploraMAs?
    - It is a port of the xmb plus but not required PKGs and is much faster displaying content.

    It is also necessary to emphasize that the writing on the flash is activated from the start of MA, I mean you have to not use any type mounting system dev_fast etc, just copy and paste the same flash as you have all permits in MA.

    Thanks to Rokiski, JaiCraB, blackdeath, Adriansfc92, chickenpox, chekco, kike, and all the devils SolidHades93 community DHorg.


    Post Experiences with JFW 3.56 SP 1.3 DH-MA

    Well as the title says this post is created for people who have installed the SP 1.3 discuss their experiences and to be failures and others. Also go up Thegrid.cfg with different combinations.

    Known bugs:

    In some PS3 when you turn on the PS3 Dynarec starts.

    CGFS of Thegrid:

    CFG with only 36 active syscall:
    CFG with activated MAtherOS syscall 36 and BD region Free:
    CFG alone with MAtherOS:
    CFG with 36 and Dynarec activated syscall:
    CFG with all patches disabled:

    The failure of Mortal Kombat is not due to SP 1.3 in different cfw already presented the same fault in some cases solved, uninstalling and reinstalling everything again and finally the fix as you know.

    You can not use the SC 36 and SC 35 at a time, the PS3 is unnecessary and not ripped it all depends on what you need at all times.

    From now you ought to use this version of Iris prepared with the SP Manager 1.3, as always thanks to D_Skywalk to have this manager:

    Will be updated with more CFGs.

    Installation method of CFGs:

    To install create a folder called CFGs GRID_UPDATER at the root of the pen and there you put the CFG, and now you put the Pen in the USB00 and start the PS3, and there you will have installed. You should not have any Aegean in the usb.

    ConfEditor by Vakaloka, Create Your Custom Conf

    Good friends, our friend has created a tool vakaloka to the PC with which we can create our own TheGrid.cfg, method of use is very simple ..

    1) Unzip the contents of the rar
    2) We will have an executable and patcher
    3) Run the program and see that we have the name of the patches and not or whether to enable or disable the patch
    4) Once selected we want to give to save settings, we will ask you say a name TheGrid
    5) The establishment of a TheGrid.cfg that you will have to put in a root folder called USB GRID_UPDATER, we put in the cfg
    6) Insert the USB pen in the closest to the reader and turn on the ps3 normally, it automatically saves your new cnf

    And this, so simple, as it brings patcher.txt point the application, but future patches can expand by simply adding each new name under the following

    Download the new version 1.2 (fixes a bug in the previous version):

    Thanks to vakaloka 1saludo

    Dynarec And Play ISOS PS1, PSOne Emu (Beta) Tutorial

    Good demons, as are you? While not? for ale.. END OF POST. Nah just kidding.. In this post I will explain how to use the PSone Emu for retro-lovers

    First, download this pack:

    Inside is everything you need to activate dynarec and play with the emu.

    1. Unzip and put all folders in usb. Connect it to usb000.
    2. (The one next to the reader)
    3. turn on the PS3 to update your cfg TheGrid with dynarec
    4. Install PKG Emu
    5. Without removing the pen of usb000, tear
    6. vice, vice, vice, vice much hahahahahaha

    You can configure it with shaders, which itself includes emu for better viewing of your games. The games are in the folder PSX ISO or BIN format (recommended ISO) and the memory cards in MC. Here a video playing Xena:

    PS: as already said in another post, some PS3, turning Dynarec not start, so you will have to create or download one of the cfg's in that post and put it in GRID_UPDATER to update and restart. Well gentlemen to enjoy!


    Thanks to all the Team for their currazo and bring Dynarec to MA!

    [imglink=|Video: PS3 JFW-DH 3.56 MA CFW SP 1.3, ConfEditor & PSX ISO Demo][/imglink]
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    NTA Guest
    Seems legit. How's the compatibility?

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    Adriansfc92 Guest
    The compatibility is not very high keep in mind this is a beta will be improved.

    Try games and comment thanks!

    Sorry for my bad english

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    NTA Guest
    What firmwares are supported by this PSX emulator? Only 3.56? What about 3.41/3.55?

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    Adriansfc92 Guest
    This only work in JFW 3.56.

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    NTA Guest
    Why only support for 3.56? The other firmwares might feel a bit lonely without a decent psx emulator

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