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Thread: JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Status Update and CFW Pics Arrive

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    I have now purged a slew of useless posts from this thread, consider this a warning... do NOT reply in this thread unless you:

    1) actually use this CFW
    2) have some legitimate feedback on it

    This means do not waste your time 'bashing' it here, if you don't like or use it skip this thread- it's not for you at all. The purpose of this thread is only for those who do use JFW DH CFW to discuss it among one another. I do not have time to babysit, so I will just issue infractions from herein to those who can't follow this simple rule.

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    ness151 Guest
    Options for PSP Isos from the viewer menu> PSP PSP connecting via USB for the iso folder
    Interesting feature... will this eventually lead to booting psp iso images? I wonder how they got this feature to work.

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    azoreseuropa Guest
    Good job, developer. It is great for people who have 3.56 OFW.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Not really, you have to be on 3.55 FW or less to install this CFW, so 3.56 users still need a mod-chip to use a CFW (to downgrade). I would have honestly tried this CFW out if it was also for 3.55 FW.

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    racer0018 Guest
    I have one ps3 that is on 3.56. I will try it out and let everyone know.

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    urielsd Guest

    Video: MAtherOS in JFW DH PS3 CFW 3.56 with EGEA LV1 Patching

    Today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer DemonHades has shared a video demonstrating the loading of MAtherOS in JFW DH PS3 CFW 3.56 with EGEA LV1 Patching via dynamic patching of LV1 with EGEA at the system boot.

    To quote, roughly translated: MAtherOS working in JFW-DH356MA with EGEA

    This video shows how it is possible to load a different Operative System in the MA all this by the dynamic patching of lv1 with EGEA at the system boot, the core is left untouched and Gentoo is used as example distribution.

    In this video the dynamic patching of EGEA is put to the test to allow us to use otherOS in JFW-DH356MA.

    This is one of the many functions of EGEA, expect a lot more.

    Thanks to Blackdeath for making this addon, to Rokiski for EGEA, JaiCraB for his everlasting collaboration and help, to DemonHades for the collaboration and design, thanks to the demons at and followers.


    [imglink=|Video: MAtherOS in JFW DH PS3 CFW 3.56 with EGEA LV1 Patching][/imglink]
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    I have now promoted it to the main page, and +Rep urielsd for the news.

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    Video: USaveMe v1.0 PS3 Save Manager for JFW DH 3.56 MA CFW

    Following up on their previous update, this weekend Spanish PlayStation 3 developer DemonHades via RacingLocura07 has made available USaveMe v1.0, a PS3 Game Save Manager for JFW DH 3.56 MA Custom Firmware (CFW) alongside a video of it below.

    To quote, roughly translated: Good people! I bring you something and I was anticipating demon!

    The USaveMe to copy the saves to a flash drive to take them to another PS3 then take them as their own! Its operation is simple and is explained in the main screen of the application.

    The main idea is save and copy it to a Pendrive, then when you're in another PS3 and copy the save and restore the database from the recovery mode and automatically adjusts to save the ps3!, You can also once stuffed with usaveme, USB normally copy and create the method introduced by Sony as usual

    Here is a video demonstration:

    I want to thank the users help me test Kikyo especially for testing, to DemonHades it was the structure and graphic design and users who helped me out when I had questions!

    Download: Go through the OpenPStore

    BUG # 1 = users can advance but not retreat... That will be resolved in the next version! Also upload and download saves.

    [imglink=|Video: USaveMe v1.0 PS3 Save Manager for JFW DH 3.56 MA CFW][/imglink]
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    baslichtjaar Guest
    Ok its me again, the one who wrongly installed JFW over CFW 3.56 leaving me in between. No FW update were accepted.

    I unzipped with the password and putted the strange files on my usb stik connected my JFW-cfw install hard-disk. Put stick in right port. Gave my ps3 a cold start. Now I have the fancy Icons and JFW logo at start-up. Thanks! Now I'm fully on JFW-CFW.

    How cool is that I'm going to reinstall some pkg's tomorrow.

    PS I'm missing my TV channel and my old icon-set.

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    PS3 Preloader Advance by JaicraB, Restore Dev_Flash via LV2Diag

    This holiday weekend Spanish PlayStation 3 developer JaicraB has released PS3 Preloader Advance, a rewritten LV2Diag.self that allows restoring the Dev_Flash.bin file (to fix semi-bricked PS3 consoles) and has been tested on JFW DH CFW although it should work on all Custom Firmware he states.

    Download: PS3 Preloader Advance SELF / PS3 Preloader Advance v2 SELF

    To quote, roughly translated: Already available the tool to reset any "/ dev_flash". It is but a program that runs without external modules.

    Why we find it being unable to load basic libraries housed in the "/ dev_flash" we must use direct syscalls to the kernel. The compilation is clean STUB external modules, hence it only takes a few KB ...

    The function is to load the file "/ dev_usb000/flash1.bin" and write in RAW mode to the "/ dev_flash". But not before mounting the "/ dev_flash" Write mode.

    It's simple but effective. There are dangers of bricks, but backup mistake or left unfinished for various reasons.

    In principle works in all FIRMS, but mainly is designed to JFW-DH356MA by semibricks problems and instead of HDD when the system stored inside the "/ dev_flash".

    But you have backups you can ask of anyone with the same firm or even removing it from the pup and mounting it on a FAT system. Its use is simple.
    • In Factory Mode to rename the "Preloader Advance.self" a "Lv2Diag.self" and copy it to USB.
    • Within the USB copy at the root of the flash backup named "flash0.bin"
    • Connect the USB into the port nearest the reader, and on the system. The LED blinks green. It means that restoring the flash.
    • When the process is shut down. Check the log it creates on the USB to be sure.
    • It only plays out of the factory mode with the "Lv2Diag.self" step2 flowing through the network.

    For more information use and addressed to:

    MxxxS, My great teacher
    Lara, to change and let me sleep at night tinkering...
    Demonhades by bud
    And the community of demons.

    Happy Holidays to all.

    PS3 Preloader Advance 2

    Bring Preloader version 2 of the Advance.

    • Configuration file to select the actions.
    • Restore all flashes.
    • Make backups of all the flashes.
    • Optimization of the code.
    • Auto-Exit Service mode.

    • Be in Service Mode.
    • Copy and advance.cfg Lv2Diag.self-in USB
    • Modify the file to taste advance.cfg
    • Insert the usb backups according to the advance.cfg
    • Switch with USB-introduced into the nearest port to the reader.

    The Evidence:

    CORE- While this well and allow access to the Service mode, this utility will recover all the flash. The change of HDD in a 3.56 version is not a problem on systems with NOR memories. No need to do an UPDATE THROUGH. Good luck!

    From DemonHades, roughly translated:

    Good friends demons, the wait has been tedious and frustrating, so jaicrab wants us this gift to the community to wish a Merry Christmas to all those you had a semibrick with the installation of the JMB or a bad installation in the flash.


    1. Prepare our dongle to put it in service mode (I used my amazebreak, but it any other apparatus to use the downgrader payload). Then enter the port and do the combo usb000 power and eject, will turn itself off the PS3.
    2. Download the JFW-DH 3.56 MA 1.2.1 Service Pack
    3. Download of and rename it to flash0.bin
    4. Place in the root of the pendrive (flash0.bin), and also put in the root renamed the advance preloader Lv2Diag.self
    5. Introduce the stick in the port usb000 (closest to the reader) and turn on the console.
    6. The LED will blink green while working on the restoration, when finished will go out alone.
    7. For get into the root end of the usb Lv2Diag.self used to exit the service mode (finalized).
    8. Ya again have our PS3 alive with the JFW-DH 3.56 MA.

    No more, now you can have it back running the PS3 and not afraid to mess up, this system is tested in fat60 (I have bricked mine) and I have it again making war, is valid for any model although format the hdd.

    And without further, 1saludo departed JaiCraB MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the demons DemonHades and friends

    [imglink=|PS3 Preloader Advance by JaicraB, Restore Dev_Flash via LV2Diag][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 Preloader Advance by JaicraB, Restore Dev_Flash via LV2Diag][/imglink]
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