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    spunkybunny: did you try to QA reset? At worst, use the old dongle/service mode method. Will work without errors. Just don't turn on your console during the process will finish.

    basilihtjaar: Check their forum. You should find a method for service mode and go out from this. Take a look. Maybe i'm wrong but he found a solution for "collector guys"

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    What do mean by using a dongle with service mode? I'm kinda confused by that.

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    Old generation dongle programmed for service mode. PSP too. Android. Iphone. etc

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    Never knew about that lol. Thanks for the info

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    Service mode downgrade.. I suppose a thread exists, created long long time ago. Pleased to help

    p.s. i didn't take a look on your picture, basilichtjaar, where in the heck are the background and icons claimed as uber cool?

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    psgrade hex files rrr.. I've lost my teensy... but got HTC Hero. Anybody ever ran psgrade on the recovery bootloader on a HTC Hero?

    I can't decide whether I find psgrade.bin for hero or I get another cheap teensy. Hoping that a jig dongle still works.

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    I was hoping for so much more from this cfw then what we got. I guess it is time to wait and see what happens in the future.

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    Psgrade will wreck my ps3? Should I be learning Spanish instead?

    Give me a jfw356dh_MAD.pkg please.

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    Sorry to hear about the trouble this thing has caused. I'm disappointed to see how slapped together this 'FW' seems - at least they could provide a good end-user experience to justify charging someone.

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    JFW DH 3.56 MA Service Pack 1.2.1 Update, Fixes Debug Settings

    Spanish PlayStation 3 developer DemonHades has released a JFW 3.56 MA-DH Service Pack 1.2.1 update via DemoniSOs, which fixes Debug Settings among the changes outlined below.

    Download: JFW DH 3.56 MA Service Pack 1.2.1 (pass: / ReactPSN 3.56 / MD5 Checksum Verifier / JFW DH 3.56 MA PS3 Themes

    To quote, roughly translated: Description: You need to use it first to own a PlayStation 3 with JFW-DH356MA a minimum pendrive 500MBs, and the Basic Preloader.

    Due to problems of OpenPStore with certain file types and sizes, demonisos provisionally be used to download the SP 1.2

    • Fixed Iconaje stylish Browser
    • Players Iconaje of Sony Stylized Native
    • Options Menu Hidden QA Debug from the occult (key combo)
    • Change BD Region
    • Saves any user with rebug are valid now.
    • Patched check license or PSN game DLC or PSONE (use MAsReactPSN356)
    • Text scrolling or gifts in playlists
    • New option to consult the Service Pack downloaded from the category OpenPStore Thegra
    • Added support for pseudo Retails PKGs (Geohot finalize 355)
    • Fixed startup sound
    • Protection Cinavia off
    • Added quick view by pressing PS full play, to see the trophies, or exit the game
    • Included in viewer the option of viewing if the pendrive is Aegean service pack and whether or not it in the same
    • Options for PSP Isos from the viewer menu> PSP PSP connecting via USB for the iso folder
    • Added bootsplash games and apps

    • No patch to patch the game requires PARAM.SFO is the version that is (upgrade to avoid accidentally putting a game that contains an update later)
    • EGEA recovery menu loads without having to make the combination of buttons
    • Authorized all Security Services Dispatch Manager to use any service

    • Download the service of pack1.2
    • Unzip the Sp 1.2 in the pen
    • Check the md5 of flash1_backup.bin
    • Connect the usb pen on the right with the ps3 off
    • Turn on the ps3, and wait approximately 15 seconds
    • When you turn the ps3 and have installed SP 1.2
    • Enjoy the Service Pack 1.2

    PD: The MD5 is in the .Rar

    Acknowledgments: DemonHades, Rokiski, Andrestevi, Kiki, Mak, chekco, The_Marioga, and dantezteam Blipi

    JFW DH 3.56 MA Service Pack 1.2.1 Update, Fixes Debug Settings

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