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Thread: JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Status Update and CFW Pics Arrive

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    Natepig Guest
    "unrelenting updates" and "more sophisticated than previously imagined" really crack me up. This still remains nothing as you can't even install it over ofw 3.56. I does nothing that kmeaw 3.55 can't. I would love to eat my words with the release of the original cfw with cobra functions that they said would be released months ago.

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    Chichan69 Guest
    "Natepig"? That's it, I'm already cracking up. As with most people who don't know how to read or take in facts you should really think before attempting to put in your 2 cents.

    1. Unrelenting updates means exactly that, unless you want to contradict me and say that Demonhades does not release updated news on their projects.

    2. "More sophisticated than previously imagined" is something I read from a translated post from Demonhades explaining why there won't be a 3.41 JFW. You does nothing is right, but to answer you're post Kmeaw is DONE. Read it again DONE.

    As far as the scene is concerned there is no new development for K-who cares (btw... Rebug is 10x better than K-whatever the ^%$!), unlike Rebug and there's a list of things that it can do that K-whatever can't, not to mention JFW-DH 3.56MA. Some things that are clearly written among other things is RNA, the MAD downgrade feature,

    Plugins, and from what I see, I don't think things are going to stop. At least you can't say they're inconsistent unlike other devs that say they're going to release something and nothing not even to tell you where things are going. The team that's supposedly working on an N64 emulator is an example.

    One claim was made a while back ago that it was nearly done... any releases... no... any news.. NO. These are the one's I'd call worthless, not waste my breath on those who are ACTUALLY contributing and putting out releases amidst a sea of negative feedback.

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    NTA Guest
    I think the negative feedback came from the hype surrounding this 3.56 firmware as they got a very different result than they expected, which kinda dashed hopes for some that are on 3.56 since they need 3.55 to install it and can't afford a downgrader.

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    CS67700 Guest
    I don't understand the hate around this guy. I can understand for Math, but for him ? He has been contributing all along, nothing to hate for.
    He made backup manager possible on 3.56, isn't that good news ?

    Everyone is hating because the CFW didn't come out when THEY expected it. Well sorry to say this, but its amateur job, its made by a few passionate peoples and not a big company with +100 engineers. You guys have to realize that this kind of thing takes time, A LOT of time.

    He almost withdrew from the scene because he got his mother insulted... its just a console, its just a game.. peoples have to remember this. Even though i believe 80% of the haters are under 16.

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    azoreseuropa Guest
    CS67700 have a good point! I agreed with him/her.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    People HAVE to understand why some don't like this CFW. They didn't promise it as a kmeaw clone for 3.56 consoles, they promised a revolutionary firmware with 3.6+ games support.

    Now, if I ordered a LED 3D TV and got a CRT instead, I would be pissed, yeah? He oversold it, his fault.

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    Sostanco Guest
    i think he needs more time. let's see in next week if something come up or no.. sorry bad english

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    Chichan69 Guest
    The question is how can you know any of this? You say they are trying to save face, console useless plastic box, loser admits nothing existed. This is either a lot of speculation or there is news that I've never heard of.

    Someone admitting that, seems like that would make news considering the amount of hype that's gone into it. Personally I think you just have a personal bias against them (like so many), maybe because your hopes went up only to be fooled by a sour twist. Yet I don't see this JFW situation as a lost cause, I have a gut feeling that this is the NEXT best thing for cfw.

    Maybe you just have to be more patient, I mean I'd rather have updates, videos, and pictures than nothing at all. The ones who stick out in my mind are devs like Deank, Team Rebug, RedSquirrel, among others who are considerate to those like me who know nothing about the great lengths of time it takes for devs to make stuff, with news updates and releases.

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    saviour07 Guest
    Yeah the main appeal of this firmware was the ability to install and run CFW 3.60+FW games like Portal 2 etc. but that hasn't appeared at all.

    A lot of people are expecting the same ability as Cobra and not receiving the results. So a lot of the negative criticism that this CFW get's is from the expectations that Demon Hades originally announced!

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    bigo93 Guest
    JFW-DH was supposed to be released 2 months ago, yesh they said it would be delays by 2 weeks, and it's been well over two weeks now!

    Until they release their latest fully working CFW, people are no longer interested in JFW-DH except those who are on 3.56

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