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    gfour Guest
    are there plugins for this fw to download? and if yes which ones? the feature of installing plugins would be the only reason for me to update. maybe someone would make a plugin for psn access, like FckPSN on the psp

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    DemonHades is only porting applications from other CFW applications onto his CFW (JFW MA). Don't expect to see anything big on 3.56 JFW DH.

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    urielsd Guest

    Video: IrisManager 3.56 JFW DH PS3 CFW Backups, Open PStore

    Following up on the JFW DH 3.56 MA PS3 CFW Installation Tutorial, over the weekend the DemonHades Team have released IrisManager 3.56 for JFW DH PS3 CFW which now includes support for PlayStation 3 game backups alongside the launch of Open PStore as detailed below.

    Download: IrisManager 3.56 MA for JFW DH PS3 CFW / Open PStore Language Files / Open PStore Default Style

    To quote, roughly translated: IrisManager 3.56 PS3 backups working already.. Thanks to the team! IrisMAnager 3.56 MA is now with a 100% functional payload.

    Thank you very much for carrying a payload Blipi to the IrisMAnager 3.56, DemonHades for carrying to the base D_Skywalk so important testing it and Rokiski for your help.

    Thanks to mak 1saludo and recorded video kiki by JFW DH... the 3.56 MA continues its long journey, and this is only the beginning

    The link to the download of IrisManager MA: http://www.multiupload.com/SVVQBV25W7

    JFW DH Open PStore for 3.56 MA

    It has been expected but it is finally here. Open PStore comes to your PS3 at 3.56 MA: http://www.openpstore.org


    Powered by blipi, FLIPI and the_marioga, DemonHades, DanteHades, Mak and kiki, and web-based The_marioga. Its content is updated daily thanks to the work of our moderators content.

    Some Explanations

    For those who still do not know them, this program will allow you to download and install any homebrew, themes, savegames, plugins, etc... hosted on our servers.

    Its interface is very intuitive, is divided into categories, which you can navigate with the buttons L1 and R1, if a category is turned off (for that is not yet supported) leaves no select. Categories are now Homebrew, Multimedia, Savegames and JFW.

    After selecting the category menu displays the subcategories, and after choosing the subcategory list homebrews. You can see its name, author, description, icon, etc... and of course download it.

    Allows multiple simultaneous downloads in the background. Once downloaded all you want to go out to JMB, and we will display the category, choose the option "Open PStore PKGs Install" and install those you want.

    The Web

    This content can be downloaded from the Web. Similarly, very useful if you have no Internet on your PS3 in register but instead requires you have access to a great set of comments and ratings, a chat, private messaging system, a system of friends (for the future RNA), the ability to rate other users, rank up etc.


    Do not wait any longer and I do leave here the download: http://openpstore.org/viewitem.php?u=81

    Other Considerations

    We are on point, I leave the translation of the Open Web PStore by if you want to translate it into language any more: http://www.multiupload.com/VLUAE9L7H4

    You only have to translate the text of the right column, change the data to the bottom, rename the file to your language code (eg en, it, fr) and find the image of the flag this country (that fits the style of the other, round and shiny)

    On the other hand I leave the style files if you want your own themes, also for the Web (requires knowledge of HTML, CSS and some php): http://www.multiupload.com/KXAA6TF19J

    And finally we are seeking developers to RNA (who know C or C + +), Web development Open PStore (php), or moderators of content you upload homebrews or other content to the Open (only required to be a day).

    A greeting and I hope you enjoy it. Let this great PS3 scene work together, the PS3 offers many possibilities, seize the opportunity!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  4. #764
    landon Guest
    Good work team demon hades but it still useless if we cannot downgrade or upgrade after installing this JFW DH 3.56 MA.. DH told us about what he called the MA Downgrader system, which is a software flasher allowing downgrade & upgrade the big point still missing too... the cobra functionalities: no PS3 iSO support, no PSX iSO support, no PS2 iSO support, no PSP iSO support yet as the Cobra playload still missing.

    If DemonHades team (Jaicrab himself) make possible using Cobra Playload in this JFW 3.56, that time it will be useful. The Grid system is missing too... They released too the Pre-loader but in Spanish I didn't understand much it's utility..

    That's the reality... we don't see the initial project "Cobra functions" !!

  5. #765
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have now promoted the news to the main page as well, and +Rep to urielsd for the posting the updates.

  6. #766
    Brenza Guest
    can be used on 3.55 kmeaw?

  7. #767
    Chichan69 Guest
    When this becomes the greatest thing ever I hope all of you calling this worthless eat your words. It was said that this was only the beginning, and despite the scene's negative feedback Demonhades keeps coming back with unrelenting updates. In someone's comments I read that Demonhades realized that the 3.56 Base is more sophisticated than previously imagined and that it would be the standard for their CFW.

    I think there must be something they see and we don't otherwise why would they waste their time on a worthless cfw as most you put it? I was a little disappointed that they chose to stop work on the 3.41 version but if they're that excited about 3.56 I'm sure there must be something to it.

  8. #768
    niwakun Guest
    the only thing they have done good is the downgrade method. everything else are bs. but i do hope that i will eat what i said past, but as of date, nothings change, same as ever. they can just port those features in 3.55 and locking us down on their firmware so we can't switch to any firmware anymore.

    the only thing i see different on their work is the XMB no more no less, openPSstore can be accessed in any firmware with just simple coding or just hardcode the link using multiman's web browser.

  9. #769
    snoekie Guest
    It's simple, I do not need to switch one closed system (Sony) for another closed system (Demonhades). You'll get their closed system, you're at their mercy for their support. If they decide to call it quits tomorrow, you're stuck. As long as it is closed, it is worthless to me.

  10. #770
    mod632 Guest
    It was about time they release something useful for members who use they CFW, even tho its pointless since almost no one use they CFW lolz

    anyway its much better news then homebrew crappy news

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