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Thread: JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Status Update and CFW Pics Arrive

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    DemonHades is insane, couldn't he just "port" 3.55 KMEAW CFW to 3.56 FW instead of making his own CFW. Maybe then he would have received more acknowledgement for his work. It annoys me that he tries to block downgrading from his CFW instead of trying to implement it same way he blocked multiMAN from his CFW.

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    daveshooter Guest
    I don't think he made this just modded a 3.56 pup. I was on the understanding that 3.56 and above has a completely new way of working, so 3.55 base firmware will not work on units that have had 3.56 on, so no way of porting KMEAW i think, but I may be wrong.

    So there is a known working signed homebrew that works on 3.56 ? because I have blackbox and an old ver of multiman on a 3.56 unit with stock 3.56 firmware on, but stuck in service. But before that i had apps showing in the xmb, on the stock by way of spoofing a ps3 to 3.56 and then data transferring, the apps showed up on the xmb but as we know will not run.

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    Apr 2005

    JFW DH 3.56 MA PS3 CFW Installation Tutorial by DemonHades

    Following up on their initial release and IrisManager application, this weekend Spanish PlayStation 3 developer DemonHades has made available a JFW DH 3.56 MA PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) Installation Tutorial.

    To quote, roughly translated: Installation Tutorial for JFW DH 3.56 MA

    This tutorial is designed so that the user makes a comfortable and easy installation "DH JFW 3.56 MA" without risk of incorrect installation either. Before starting the installation we will clear some things:

    What is the DH JFW 356 MA?

    It is the first CFW 3.56 for the system, thanks to DH 356 JFW MA, locked in 3.56 users who are unable to downgrade have a chance to scene, so if you'll need a flasher. For users who are at 3.55 or 3.41 will not need the flasher for installation.

    How is unlike the rest of the current CFW?

    3.56 The DH JFW is made by sceners MA Spanish and we thought both users who are locked up like that scene today have at 3.41/3.55.

    The DH JFW 3.56 MA has features that no other CFW has, such as preloader, Thegra, etc...

    It also has a number of tools and addons that are still developing, these are:
    • JMAB (XMB design and organization of the new categories JFW)
    • IrisMAnager356
    • OpenPStore
    • UsaveME
    • MARNE
    • EGEA
    • MAD
    • MABLDTR2
    • PS3control
    • CallGate
    • Thegra
    • BOMA
    • VDFMA

    Detailed below and each one is to be used.

    If I upgrade to 3.56 MA DH JFW get trapped forever?

    No, you can do downgrade / update, thanks to MAD.

    What is MAD?

    A virtual flasher that does not require welding in 356MA.

    What I can run the risk having it installed?

    None if you follow exactly the installation.

    Will support the DH JFW 3.56 MA?

    If both errors and retrofit.

    If I find errors in the DH JFW 3.56 MA, whom I must communicate in order to make the correction?

    Mainly must communicate in explaining what happened.

    Installation Process JFW 3.56 DH MA

    Files needed for this process:

    Installation process:

    1. Download the JFW 3.56 DH MA.

    2. Check with the MD5 Software is correct when published in this tutorial.

    3. Watch the PS3 version you have installed the JFW Before Dh 3.56 MA, must have 3.55 or 3.41.

    4. Downloaded the update has to go in the following path of pendrive: PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP

    5. Insert the stick into the PS3 XMB I install it from the PUP as if an ordinary question.

    6. Once installed restart PS3 and go.

    Important notice: The DH JFW 3.56 MA includes live via PKG service mode, you should not use it unless you know the subject and even fewer use the flashing Lv2Diag.self... will have a total brick.

    Also if you mistakenly enter service mode, you can go put in the root of the pendrive Lv2Diag.self of 220kb on usb0 to exit the service mode you will find in the thread of DH 3.56 JFW MA.

    Tutorial made to by DeathHades, Psjuan and DemonHades.

    [imglink=|JFW DH 3.56 MA PS3 CFW Installation Tutorial by DemonHades][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Ov3rBoOsT Guest
    This CFW can run HDD, USB Game with Multiman or not ?

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    niwakun Guest
    i'm not interested in that 3.56 JFW or something, all I want is that "Lv2Diag.self of 220kb" file that they were talking about, I got 3.56 stuck in Service Mode and I want to use that file so I can finally upgrade my 3rd console.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Ov3rBoOsT View Post
    This CFW can run HDD, USB Game with Multiman or not ?
    DemonHades blocked multiMAN from his CFW, you can only use IrisManager which doesn't have the same game compatibility multiMAN does. If you're on 3.55 CFW, stay on that.

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    violentcris Guest
    the only thing i care of this "cfw" is the supposed compatibility for 3.60, 3.70+ games that still not implemented (i guess never will be), nothing new on the rest of this cfw.

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    Brenza Guest
    wow, thats a lot of word to explain how to put the pup file on a pendrive!

    3.56 cfw is useless for those who already are on 3.55 DON'T UPDATE, YOU WILL BE LOCKED TO 3.56 AND CURRENTLY THERE IS NO RELIABLE WAYS TO LAUNCH BACKUP GAMES

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    DemonHades and his crew got IrisManager working on 3.56 JFW MA, they could probably do the same with multiMAN. But DemonHades doesn't like Deank and vice versa. But "blocked" was probably the wrong term to use.

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    landon Guest
    yes, I don't think we will see multiman on this JDW DH 3.56 MA it still another joke, there is nothing interesting on it for now !!

    even normal backups doesn't work on it, it was a WIP this story of iris manager 3.56 i think, no ??

    after that, no thegra, no plugins using the gird, no cobra playload, no PSX/PS2/PSP emulation, no 3.6+ game exploit, maybe never !! no MAD atm... & the big problem is that this JFW DH 3.56 MA is just in spanish, no other languages supported so why people will install this ??

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